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Monday, May 20, 2013

Venezuelan WaterGate

Today the Opposition leadership show on Press Release an audio recorded from a 'Corruption Commision Meeting and Report' between Mario Silva, TV Presenter and Leader from the Government , and a Member from Cuban Intelligence Services G2.

This is causing a huge Political Crisis in Venezuela, in the same style of the Watergate and the Vladimiro Montesino's Videos that put an end on Peru's Fujimori Regime.

In the Video, Mario Silva is pointing out several internal crisis on the Government, after the dead of Hugo Chavez, exposing the Danger and Corruption inside the Group of Diosdado Cabello, current President of the National Assembly.

He also exposed a Conspiracy from Diodado Cabello Group; with  <Ilegit> President Nicolas Maduro current 'concubine' and Venezuelan First Lady Cilia Flores and the current Minister of Interior and Justice to do a Coup against Maduro.

Rumors said Video was taken from his email account. Other sources report is was released on a CD to Oppositon's members by Mario Silva closed Group inside VTVChannel.

He also exposed some nasty things about the Venezuelan TV Channel Venevision 

Here's the Recorded Audio (Recorder by Mario Silva Himself):

Below is the Transcription in Spanish;

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