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Friday, February 1, 2013

Mexican Oil Skycraper PEMEX Employee: "It was Bombs"

A Journalist who claim herself be an Employee from the Mexican Oil Company PEMEX Skycraper where a strong Explosion today has caused 25 persons dead and 101 Injured, is claiming on Twitter, it was an attack with Bombs.Preliminary Reports from the Government says it was an Explosion on the Basement's Boilers.

Below are her tweets

"Fellow Oil Workers we can't stop and let's make People know what really happened. IT WAS BOMBS"

"Please, I ask to spread this. I'm worker of PEMEX. We know it wasn't a short, or the Boilers. It was BOMBS but they won't tell the true"
I haven't confirm the authenticity of the Tweet Account, nor if it's actually an Employee from the Oil Company

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