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Monday, January 7, 2013

Venezuelan government seeks to legitimize transition through Court ruling - Venezuela - ElNuevoHerald.com


Stating that Hugo Chavez will remain chairman although no oath, the Venezuelan government has now passed a stage of crisis containment, ordering his court to give an opinion to legalize what many see as the crossing of a bridge of no return the legitimacy of the regime and taking action to intimidate the opposition.
Some opposition leaders this week called for the creation of a "Greater national strike" to protest the regime's claims, but the initiative is supported by the Bureau of Democratic Unity (MUD), an umbrella organization of the main opposition parties .
Chavez, whose health is unknown since he left to undergo further surgery in Cuba last month, should be sworn in on Thursday for a new six-year presidential term.
But his two potential heirs-Vice President and Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro and National Assembly president, Diosdado Cabello, said over the weekend that the swearing is irrelevant because Chavez and holds the position.
These statements have been made by a large segment of the opposition as an affront to the Constitution, which states on January 10 as the date for the swearing, and as an attempt to inherit the electoral mandate obtained by Chavez, at a time when the vast Most Venezuelans have not seen alive since Chavez announced his trip to Cuba last month.
Also come amid reports of the government itself that the situation is delicate Chavez and media reports that said the president suffers from a serious infection, is on life support and suffering that cancer is in a terminal state , having metastasized to the bones and various organs.
So far, the Venezuelan government has rejected calls to send a mission to assess independent physicians the true state of the head of state.
Opinion of the Court
A source with access to information told El Nuevo Herald that the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice has prepared an opinion stating that Chavez can take his new term even when not present to be sworn.
"They already have it ready. Contemplate that 10 is not a deadline for a reelected president can be sworn, I could do it at any other time, "said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity.
International scholars as a number of NGOs that monitor human rights believe that Venezuelan courts lack independence under the Chavez government, behaving as appendages of the executive.
The government claims were rejected by different sectors of the population, including the Catholic Church which described them as dangerous.
"He is in serious risk social and political stability of the nation. This is a difficult and uncertain, with features that draw a complex situation that could lead the country to a dangerous crossroads, "said the president of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, Diego Padrón.

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Venezuelan government seeks to legitimize transition through Court ruling - Venezuela - ElNuevoHerald.com

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