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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BREAKING: Venezuela Constitutional Order Broken

Some moments ago, the National Assembly (Majority Pro Government) has voted YES to concede President Hugo Chavez "All the time he needs to get recover" in order to Sworn in for a new Presidential Term, according to Venezuela National Constitution, it needs to be on January 10th of the first year.

The Decision of the National Assembly definitelly represent a Major Violation of all Democratic and Constitutional Order in Venezuela, were there's absolutely lack of TRUTH Information about Hugo Chavez Health Condition.

Last Official Report say he was stable "stationary", but with a sever Pulmonary and Respiratory Infection, as result of the new surgery for his Cancer Treatment, Cancer that is already on Terminal Phase, and had been spread to several organs, including The Liver, Lungs and Spinal Tab.

Medical Experts are saying, there's only 5-10% Chances Hugo Chavez will survive from this Respiratory Infection, even tough, the Cancer, already on its Last Phase, would kill him no later than April this Year.

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