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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Confirmed: Hugo Chavez's in Agony, Respiratory Problems

Dec 30, 8:10 PM EST

Venezuela VP: Chavez suffers 'new complications'

AP Photo
AP Photo/Fernando Llano

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Hugo Chavez has suffered "new complications" following his cancer surgery in Cuba, his vice president said Sunday, describing the Venezuelan leader's condition as delicate.
Vice President Nicolas Maduro did not give details about the complications, which he said came amid a respiratory infection. Maduro spoke in a televised address from Cuba.
Maduro had arrived in Havana on Saturday in a sudden and unexpected trip to visit Chavez. He said Sunday that he had met with Chavez and he "referred to these complications."
"Thanks to his physical and spiritual strength, Comandante Chavez is facing this difficult situation," Maduro said, reading from a prepared statement.
The vice president spoke with a solemn expression alongside Chavez's eldest daughter, Rosa, and son-in-law Jorge Arreaza, as well as Attorney General Cilia Flores.
Maduro said he had met various times with Chavez's medical team and relatives. He said he would remain in Havana "for the coming hours" but didn't specify how long.
The Venezuelan leader has not been seen or heard from since undergoing his fourth cancer-related surgery Dec. 11, and government officials have said he might not return in time for his scheduled Jan. 10 inauguration for a new six-year term.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Iranian Base build in Venezuela, Missiles included

The base is located in Zuata Town, Monagas Municipality of Anzoategui State, It's operated by Iranian staff.
Aeronautical engineers, have in their silos, and in operative conditions with missiles Sheralabs type 3 with a
range of 1,480 Kmts. And 3 Alghadv-110 type with a range of 2,500 Kmts . Right now also installed in
the same scope in Paraguaná Peninsula, 6 new type Alghadv-110 missiles with a range of 2,800 Kmts

Friday, October 12, 2012

WikiLeaks: Stratfor emails say Chavez betrayed FARC to appease generals | McClatchy

WikiLeaks: Stratfor emails say Chavez betrayed FARC to appease generals

MIAMI — The extradition to Venezuela of alleged drug trafficker Walid Makled occurred in the context of an intense diplomatic chess game where President Hugo Chávez sacrificed Colombian guerrillas to capture the dangerous pawn, who kept his government in check, according to emails from a private security firm obtained by WikiLeaks.
The reports, from the private intelligence firm Stratfor, highlight the pressure applied by National Armed Forces’ high-ranking officers to push Chávez into negotiations with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos’ government.
Makled, accused by the United States of being “a king among the drug lords,” was extradited to Caracas in May although the Venezuelan entrepreneur also faced an extradition request from Washington.
The entrepreneur, who months before had been detained in Colombia, said in various interviews that he was willing to collaborate with U.S. authorities to avoid being extradited to his own country.
Among the various revelations offered from his prison cell, Makled acknowledged that important Chávez officials were on his payroll, including high-ranking Armed Forces officials, according to some of the more than five million emails revealed by WikiLeaks.
Makled also accused the Army of being directly involved in transporting drugs on planes that took off every day from the border state of Apure.
Those high-ranking officers feared the possibility of a trial in U.S. courts if Makled was allowed to be sent to Washington, where he could negotiate his testimony in exchange for a lighter sentence, said one of the Stratfor reports leaked by WikiLeaks.
And that fear led them to request a meeting with Chávez, said the reports by Stratfor, a company that offers risk analysis to corporate clients.
“Before Chávez supported [Henry] Rangel [Silva], Rangel and the most senior general went to Chávez and asked him, ‘Who are you going to side with?’ ” said the report about a meeting held before the Venezuelan president promoted Rangel Silva to general in chief, the highest rank available in the Venezuelan Armed Forces.
“Chávez didn’t have much choice but to do something, like his promotion, to show the rest that he wasn’t going to betray them over Makled,” added the report titled VZ/Colombia – The Stability of the Venezuelan Government and Makled.
Rangel Silva, together with Major General Clíver Alcalá Cordones, the former mayor of Caracas, Freddy Bernal, and the former chief of the Military Intelligence Department, Hugo Carvajal, as well as other government officials appear on the U.S. Treasury’s black list due to their links to terrorist and drug trafficking organizations.
Rangel Silva’s promotion apparently did little to placate the concerns generated by the possibility of Makled being sent to the United States.
Another cable, titled “Chávez Strengthens His Military Support,” indicated that the Venezuelan government turned desperate during its negotiations with Bogota.
“High-ranking members of the government may prove unwilling to gamble on Makled’s fate and could make contingency plans to protect their assets and themselves,” the report said.
“The president’s biggest fear is that such planning could destabilize his government, perhaps culminating in a coup attempt down the road,” it said.
According to the report, the concern was that Makled could offer the U.S. authorities evidence implicating high-ranking officials of the Venezuelan government in drug trafficking operations.
“Makled is thought to possess valuable recordings of transactions incriminating high-ranking members of the Venezuelan government in money laundering, drug trafficking and perhaps terrorism,” the report said.
“Given the tumult that would ensue should high-ranking members of the Venezuelan government face such serious criminal charges in a U.S. court, Caracas has pressed the Colombian government to extradite Makled to Venezuela on the grounds that he is a Venezuelan citizen.”
Another report, titled “Makled’s Threat to the Venezuelan Regime,” highlighted that Makled was also in possession of massive money laundering schemes, “which were totally out of control” and that had led to the gradual deterioration of the country’s key sectors, including food, electricity, energy and metals.
With the deepening of the deterioration in these sectors, impacting the cash flow toward state enterprises, the “intersection between money laundering and drug trafficking deepened as well,” the report said.
According to the report, Makled was in a position to offer detailed information about the interconnection of state entities with drug trafficking, besides the growing relationship of the Venezuelan government with Iran, and particularly the presence in the country, with “Chávez’s authorization,” of the Revolutionary Guard and the Qods Force, a special unit of the Revolutionary Guard.
Chávez’s government’s desperation over the possibility that Makled would end up telling his secrets to the United States gave a great advantage to the then-recently inaugurated Santos’s administration.
In fact, Makled ended up playing a key role in improving diplomatic relations between Venezuela and Colombia, which were tense during the previous Colombian administration of President Alvaro Uribe.
“When Stratfor began receiving reports of the Venezuelan military quietly shutting down Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) camps and flushing FARC members back across the border into Colombia, it was evident that Bogota was holding something big over Chávez’s head,” said the report.

Read more here: WikiLeaks: Stratfor emails say Chavez betrayed FARC to appease generals | McClatchy

Published by McClatchy on March 11, 2012 at www.mcclatchydc.com

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mensaje del GN Javier Nieto

Mensaje Capitan Javier Nieto Quintero a Venezuela

Elecciones Venezuela 7-O 2012

Actualizado: 9:58 pm (VEN)

  • En la U.E Bernardo O'Higgins, en la parroquia San José, sólo funcionan dos captahuellas. Los electores demoran tres horas en cola
  • La U.E Niño Don Simón, en Las Acacias, abrió sus 2 mesas a las 7:30 a.m. Los votantes denuncian que motorizados los amedrentan
  • Imensas Colas de Venezolanos para Votar en el Extranjero, impresionante la salida a votar de Venezolanos en el Extranjero.
  • Mosca, esperen a que salga la Cara del Candidato en Pantalla antes de votar, sino su Voto sera NULO
  • Maquina que presente fallas y sea reemplazada, la nueva maquina tiene que ser auditada y debe emitirse el Reporte de Voto 0
  • RECTIFICO: A las 6am HIRIERON a hombre, mientras hacia la cola en el colegio Fundacion Siembra de Vzla, en Kenedy, Macarao. Testigos no ...confirmado por el Min Defensa
  • @AndresVelasqz Un llamado a votar con calma. Seleccione su candidato en tarjeton y espere que su foto aparezca en pantalla para accionar votar
  • En el colegio Caniguá, de El Hatillo, denuncian que el proceso es lento. El Plan República impiden a los testigos ofrecer información
  • en el liceo francisco de miranda en monagas no sirve la maquina la gente no puede votar
  • Venezuela: What Happens if Chávez Loses? http://abcn.ws/VAisyu
  • Testigos: el cable de transmisión siempre debe estar desconectado del punto de CANTV hasta la impresión de la 1era acta de escrutinio
  • En Barquisimeto están retrasando la votación en centros que son bastiones de la oposición.
  • La alc de valencia esta usando buses de ruta escolar para movilizar chavistas
  • Livestream del Comando Venezuela: http://www.livestream.com/hayuncamino
  • Liceo Urquía en San Pedro de los Altos, municipio #Guaicaipuro, reporta problemas con comunicación de equipos CNE
  • Denuncian presencia de motorizados con banderas rojas
  • Desde Maracay reportan: Concejal organiza patrullas de motorizados q amedrentan a votantes. Están fte a BOD-Las Delicias
  • en la UD3 de Caricuao montaron toldo rojo con publicidad y motorizados y los policìas bien gracias. pic.twitter.com/4zH6YhPU
  • VIDEO: Comando Venezuela llama a tener paciencia en la cola http://bit.ly/T9HIFv
  • Denuncian lentitud en proceso de votación en la Escuela Ciudad Bolívar al oeste de Barquisimeto
  • Las colas en El Llanito suben y bajan cuesta 
  • en la univ. Nueva Esparta es igual! La mesas vacías y un gentío afuera
  • quejas de electores en Puerto Ordaz por retraso y colas supuestamente por el Plan Republica y el CNE, exigen celeridad!!!!!
  • @hcapriles Paciencia!Paciencia Hermanos en esas colas,por el futuro de nuestro país vale la pena esperar todo el tiempo que sea
  • Denuncian que motorizados rondan centros electorales http://bit.ly/OfNpoH
  • Min Defensa: 2 Ciudadanos puestos a derecho por romper Papeleta Electoral
  • En San Agustín del Sur hay puntos rojos con personas llamando a votar por el partido del oficialismo
  • la mesa 3 del Colegio la Salle la Colina lleva mas de hora y media sin funcionar.
  • Miles de Denuncias con respecto al Embudo de Botella que ha originado el Primer Paso, Rectores del CNE desde ya reunidos y  Tibisay Lucena se pronunciara en breve
  • En la escuela Las Tunitas ya han cambiado dos máquinas dos veces y van por el tercer cambio
  • Denuncia Globovision: Simpatizantes de Hugo Chavez haciendo campana alrededor de los Centros de Votacion en Cumana, Edo Sucre
  • 1 militar esta reteniendo cedulas d identidad a todos ls votantes el la UE Cecilio Acosta II d ls Lagos Los teques.
  •  en Lecheria, mesa 1 de 6 am no opera, son 12:50 pm, nadie hace nada SOS                  
  • Máquina de votación de mesa 1, en sede Santa María de se dañó. Electores llevan 45 minutos esperando
  • MOSCA!!! Cientos d Motorizados Apostados en PEDEVESA , Ya Salieron a Atemorizar Votantes!!DESESPERACIÓN???                  
  • Vehiculos de PDVSA utilizados para trasladar a simpatizantes chavistas. Cardiologico Montalban
  • la mesa 3 del Colegio la Salle la Colina lleva mas de hora y media ...
  • A esta hora como que muchas maquinas se estan empezando a dejar de funcionar, todas al mismo tiempo, SIN DUDA SOSPECHOSO
  • Danny Glover embracing Hugo Chavez while voting
  • El venezolano con la cédula número 5 votó hoy
  • El Candidato Presidente violando la normativa Electoral en Pleno Centro de Votacion
  • General Exit Poll: Capriles 57% Chavez 42%
  • Jefes de Tribus y Shamanes de Votanted Indigenas en Edo Bolivar quitandole las cedulas a su gente para votar por ellos, porque no saben leer
  • Otro Exit Poll a las 4:00pm Capriles: 52.7% Chavez 46%
  • Mesa 1 de Aula Nueva en Sta Paula parada desde las 12 pm. Cambiaron la máquina y no funcionó. A las 4:40pm no he podido votar
  • Pagina del CNE hackeada http://www.el-nacional.com/politica/tu_decides_2012/Hackearon-pagina-CNE_0_58794207.html
  •  la mesa mas grande de centro Rep Indonesia d Baruta, No. 3. 500 votos se perderán, nadie resuelve el problema”
  • En Sector Chavista estaria la Abstencion
  • Se estima participación entre 77% y 80% de electores, según reporte extraoficial del periodista acreditado en el CNE
     Gracias a Dios, a la Virgen y al pueblo soberano nuestra Patria ya se libró del castrocomunismo. Viva Venezuela libre!!!!
  • @reporteya: Motorizados agreden Centro Electoral, República de Indonesia en El Güire, Valle Arriba.   
  • Hackean LaPatilla.com            
  •   Capriles 7.4mm Chavez 6.9mm 6:08pm
  • Lo esta manejando la gente de Eligio Cedeño CONFIRMADO: Corte 4 pm Exit Poll Nacional  52.57% (IRREVERSIBLE) Hugo Chávez 47.43%  
  • Exit Poll final de Varianzas. 3% arriba HCR.   
  • Seijas; Capriles le saca 2 a Chavez: 300000 votos     
  •  Varianza otorga una victoria al líder opositor por un 51,3% frente al 48,06 de Chávez  
  • Seguidores de Chávez celebran en Miraflores
  • Rueda de Prensa del Comando Carabobo (Chavez) en tono seudo triunfalistas, con llamada de Chavez.
  • Rumor: negociaciones para una acortacion de la diferencia    
  • Dan a Capriles Ganador 53% a 47% según Le Monde y BBC            

  • Repito, la mayoría de los reportes SERIOS le dan a Capriles una ventaja de un 4 a un 8%, pero TODOS lo dan GANADOR
  • Rectores del CNE en la Sala de Totalizacion, llevan 40 minutos dentro         
  • Tanquetas en Barquisimeto Edo Lara

  • Tengo miedo de que suceda un golpe de estado, eso es lo peor.
  • Resultados Oficiales CNE
    90% transmision 80.94% participacion

    54.42% 7.444.082

    44.97% 6.151.544




Situacion Actual: Venezuela

En el comando de Capriles manejan una diferencia de votos de 1 millón y pico, los militares patriotas hablan hasta de 2 millones incluyendo los indecisos.
Ante la situación actual el régimen ha implosionado y observamos las siguientes variables como signo inequívoco del final de Hugo Chávez:
Están vendiendo las reservas de oro, se fueron los asesores brasileños. Se ha dividido el Alto Mando Militar. El jefe del CEO y responsable del Plan República (Mayor General Wilmer Barrientos) ha desafiado al dictador y no avalará un fraude electoral. Se ha cohesionado el binomio cívico-militar.
Los Estados Unidos a través del Comando Sur (SouthCom) movilizarán un portaviones para colocarlo cerca de Venezuela en aguas internacionales a partir del 05 de Octubre. La salud de Chávez se ha deteriorado significativamente en las últimas semanas, ya no pueden planificar con antelación, solo con 24 horas de anticipación.
La Presidenta de Brasil, Dilma Rouseff, le ha dicho a Chávez que no avalará un fraude ni un intento de golpe militar castro-chavista, le ha ofrecido Brasil como destino seguro en caso de exiliarse.
Los embajadores y servicios secretos de potencias extranjeras ya consideran a Capriles como el próximo presidente de Venezuela y han empezado a formar grupos técnicos de trabajo en las diferentes áreas. Cuba ya ha negociado con Capriles y su entorno. La diferencia de votos será de más de un millón de papeletas siendo conservadores y pronosticando una abstención moderada.
En conclusión, estamos a solo 02 días de una rebelión cívico-militar democrática apuntalada por el voto como catalizador del cambio. El régimen no tiene salida. Pierde con votos y si intenta un fraude o darle un palo a la lámpara, será derrocado de inmediato. Enviado por un Coronel del Ejercito. Difundelo. Se cae este gobierno Corrupto. Viva Capriles. Viva Venezuela. Viva la Democracia!sigamos trabajando y no caigamos en triunfalismo hay q seguir convenciendo a los otros venezolanos!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012