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Friday, August 28, 2009

OMG The Creativity of Scammers

Just check out the email that I just arrive, what a kind of ripp-off


My name is Captain David Freeman a United States Soldier presently in Iraq with the safe
keeping squad. on th 4th of August, 2009 we received an emergency call disclosing some locations
and hide out of the Al Qaeda and Ayman al-Zawahiri forces. I, along side with 3 soldiers
proceeded to the location in Bagdad Iraq and as we commenced we had a shoot out with the
terrorists but they finaly escaped but as we searched the building, we discovered an unusual
bulge in a cellar, which I presumed to be storage room and as I proceeded to have a closer look
at it, I kicked a metal covering and found several metal boxes (6 in number) piled on top each
other and locked..

On forcing the boxes open, we discovered several armored weapons including bullets. One of the
boxes was filled with hard drugs and two to my amazement was filled with money. On
discovery of this money, I and the soldiers for close to 3 hours counted the bundles of the
currencies which amounted to about $17.5M.I believe however that all these belongs to the Al
Qaeda and Ayman al-Zawahiri forces, and because of this reason, I instructed the soldiers with
me to handover all the boxes containing the drugs and amours to our superiors in the US army
and agreed to keep the boxes with the money to ourselves, so as to help establish ourselves when we return from Iraq and also distribute some funds to various charity organizations around the world.

Presently, we have the money hidden in a safe and untraceable location only known to us.
Why I am explaining all our findings to you is to seek for your assistance and immense
contribution to the actualization of our dream of getting these funds out from here. We are in
desperate need of a reliable and trustworthy person who will receive, secure and protect these
boxes containing the money for us until our assignment ends here, although you would take your
percentage from the money and then keep ours as we will direct further.  Since Iraq is getting
unsafe and more dangerous everyday, we cannot afford to leave these boxes here in Iraq for any
reason and knowing fully well that these were funds used in sponsoring terrorist attacks on our
innocent citizens. We have no idea what could happen next as everything remains inconclusive at
this point. This is a true story of what we came across here in Iraq. I intend to include some
pictures I took here and my ID's issued by the government for you to know better whom you are
dealing with but I will include that in my next email to you.

I assure and promise to give you  20% of this fund before sharing with the other 3 soldiers when we leave this place. However,
you are free to negotiate on what you wish to have as your percentage in this deal. Please
assure me of your keeping this top most secret so that my job would not be jeopardized.

Please reply to my private E-mail  (davidfreeman4army@7ka.lv)

My Sincere Regards,

Captain David Freeman.

Thursday, August 27, 2009