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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hugo Chavez alla Mierda!!!

Definitely there's something going on. Hugo Chavez today went insanely mad during a political rally made by himself for his self-support and said this "Go Away Shitty Pitiyankees, Go to Carajo"... making highlighted violation of the Responsability on Radio and TV Law by saying guss during children time. Shit, and Carajo are two grave word, not to mention that obsesion with the Pitiyankee word. He is desperately mad, he knows he is going down abd that will be soon.

This happend after US Government freezed the bank account of Minister of Interior and Justice of Venezuela,Ramon Rodriguez Chacin who just resigned, and 2 high functionaries from Venezuela Intelligence Service.

Chavez Regime is desperate, is going down and very soon, Venezuela will be free again, Hugo Chavez cannot stand this. We need to cross fingers.

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