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Friday, July 11, 2008

Situation in Merida ater Students Turmoil: One Student has Died


Saturday July 12th:
the student seriously injured has died.

new versions pointing out, Pro Chavez vandals organized and provoke several vandal acts in Merida state, including looting, apparently in order later authorities blame the students. Is the classy way of act of Chavez Regime.

9:30pm (utc-4): rumors of Chavez Regime could break and enter ULA university and take control of it.

9:20pm (utc-4): Authorities reunite in ULA university.

8:46pm (utc-4): Students from UCV University start gathering for a meeting in the University.

8:36pm (utc-4): apparently the Internet Service is down in Merida state, several radios down. Pro Chavez motorist vandals on street shooting even Police Officers. There are reports of Police Officers wounded.

A day after the tragic incident with the students, Students Groups from Merida state has increased the turmoil, this time taking the local airport landing track.

Also, latest reports inform about looting, Military soldiers start spreading around the City of Merida. There was also protests in Tachira, Aragua, Carabobo and Caracas.

ULA University radio station out. Tear gas everywhere. Impossible get communication with Merida City, all media censored, absolutely no reports.

A turmoil while a group of students from Medicine Faculty of Universidad de Los Andes in Merida were protesting for lack of security turned out on a student seriously wounded, an apparently close to death.

Information about the death of the students was spreaded by state-owned TV station VTV, but later this day, sources say the student is not death but he could be on some kind of cerebral-death, as a result of receive a gun shot on the head, no one known where the gun shot came from.

Pictures of the student lying on the floor blooded, with a 'luchador mask' has spread on Internet, among political forum sites, but I decided not to exhibit that horrid act here, but I could show you a picture from the surrounding areas, where you could see Police Officers near by, they, as usual attacking repressing the student. Is well known the brutal repressions Police from Merida and Tachira state did to students in other protests.

Source: gochosULA @ Noticiero Digital

Is not coincidence that today the Medicine & Health sector workers has announce a series of meeting to stablish the upcoming action as they have decided to protest against Regime rules, or should I say no rules on Health sector. But they didn't announced a strike yet.

Also next Saturday, oposition organizations, ONG's ans Students prepare to take the street again, this time to protest against the political baning of several opposition figures to participate in the upcoming regional elections, November 23rd.

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