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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independece Day

I forgot to congratulate USA readers for their Indepence Day. Well today I kill 2 birds with one shoot because July 5th is the formal Independence Day of Venezuela. To celebrate that Google put a drawn of Simón Bolivar with the flag of Venezuela, like they use to do with other festivity days.

The 5th of July of 1811 was the day of the sign of the Independence Act, the first steps to reach the Independence in Venezuela started on April 19th 1810, a day also festive in Venezuela and many people use to confuse both days. April 19th 1810 is like the second Independence Day. Venezuela reached its Independence from Spain during the last battle of Carabobo, leaded by Simón Bolívar, that was on June 24th 1811. After that battle Spaniard troops surrender.

More about History of Venezuela...

It's very interesting and singular that both countries, Venezuela and USA have their Indepence Day next to each other. But celebrations are quiet differents...

In Venezuela people use to stay in houses resting, maybe watching some protocolars military acts, leaded by the Government in turn, some other prefered to take their families to the beach and malls, also parks. People also raised the Venezuela flag in their houses, as in the rest of the festivity days, but this is a tradition that is loosing followers nowadays, especially in the current administration (or I should say Regime) who changed the flag and the coat of arms.

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