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Thursday, July 10, 2008

European socialists worried about banning

(El Universal) Timoteo Zambrano, a leader of opposition Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) party, wrapped up on Wednesday his visit to the European Parliament in Strasburg, France with the support of the Socialist Group (PSE) against the prohibition on several Venezuelan citizens from running for elected public office.

PSE coordinator for the EuroLat Assembly Luis Yáñez joined Zambrano in his multiple meetings with European parliamentarians, where he briefed on the situation and got the support of intellectuals, political parties and social and cultural organizations.

As Zambrano explained to the Euro-deputies, the Venezuelan Constitution does not acknowledge the power of the Comptroller General to bar citizens from holding public office.

"The arbitrary and incomprehensible action taken by the Comptroller violates, in addition to their National Constitution, significant international commitments that have been ratified outright by the State," said Yáñez.

And following with this story,The High court in Venezuela was requested to declare banning unconstitutional, but they has said anything about, but as they are under entire control of Hugo Chavez, we could guess what the response is going to be.

Students, ONG's and political organizations are prepared to march this Saturday to the High Court to protest against this banning of notorious opposition figures that surround 400, and the Regime has already announced that it will come new 100 political bannings.

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