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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tim Robbins Visited Venezuela

It was just about time to see this happened. Tim Robbins, great friend of Sean Penn has visited Venezuela few days ago, in order to take a look to Villa del Cine, this big production studios created by Hugo Chavez to supposedly compete with Hollywood.

Villa del Cine is located in Guarenas town, few kilometers to the east of Caracas. Tim Robbins expressed his desire to maybe start a production here, so he visited other places in Venezuela, such as Coro city in Falcon state.

Robbins also met Venezuelans filmmakers Roman Chalbaud, Carlos Caridad Montero and Alfredo Hueck, among others. Bosnian filmmaker Emir Kusturica also visited Villa del Cine back on April.

I just to wished to let them know that every screenplay need the approval of Hugo Chavez. Try to make a movie critize them, or even worst, one about April 2002 events, they won't let you make it.

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