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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Opposition rejects ban on regional candidates

(El Universal)Venezuelan grassroots movement and students ask OAS to speak up

Grassroots movement and student representatives submitted on Friday to the Organization of American States (OAS) a paper requesting the organization to take a stance on the disqualification of 400 candidates to state governments and moralities in the election next November 23rd.

Yuri Blanco, vice-president of Participation and Networking of Caracas's parishes Caricuao and Macario, voiced disagreement with the measure announced by Comptroller General Clodosbaldo Russián.

"We, Caracas' folks are here to tell Mr. Russián and the national government that we are not to let them to bar people (from political practice); that we have the right to be candidates and to elect," she said.

Blanco urged local communities to jump in defense of their right to make a choice.

Socialist International refuses Comptroller's action to bar politicians

The Socialist International issued a press release to voice its "concern about the decision made by administrative authorities of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who, without issuing any conviction, deny more than 400 citizens the right to run as candidates in the next local elections to be held on November 23rd of this year."
"Such a decision causes today widespread concern and uneasiness in the Venezuelan and international public opinion, seemingly contravening the right of the citizens of that country to run as candidates, and also their right to elect the candidate of their choice. Additionally, a large proportion of these barred people are members of the democratic opposition," the text pointed out.
The Socialist International made an appeal to observe the legitimate rights of the people disqualified in this way and urged to restore immediately all their political and civil rights.

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