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Friday, June 20, 2008

Milka Duno Denies She Supports Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan female race car competitor Milka Duno wrote this week on her Facebook page (well at least what apparently is her FB page) a respond to those persons who constantly accuse her of being supporting Hugo Chavez or being accepted sponsorship of Chavez Regime.

I'm not 'Chavista' .... don't care politics.... what I do care is having good sponsors and painfully in these cases an Oil Company is capable of cover all these expeses... ...some day you'll learn.
Anyway, Chavista or no Chavista I'm glad to see a compatriot on Indy car racing, among with Ernesto J. Viso. But she needs to improve some maneuvres cause lately she is not having luck and all what she is doing is crasing her car, maybe is the Chavez Curse, remember Citgo is under control of Chavez Regime now, and I don't believe on curses, but look what is happening to Naomi Campbell, Sean Penn's trailer got fire last year, everyplace Chavez goes, an Eartquake, volcano or another natural disaster happen... I duno .... Milka Duno :) :S

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