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Friday, June 6, 2008

Institutional Guard Manifesto

Anonymous Manifesto that apparently is circulating into all Venezuela military headquarters.


"Before God and the Homeland we swear,
With sincere and deep emotion,
That the duty for watchword takes,
And for discharge it Sights the Honor."
National Anthem of Venezuela National Guard.

In the year 1936, the General López Contreras inspires you by the most illustrious and honorable institutions in the world by founding the National Guard of Venezuela. Later on, in the 1948, the Commandant Oscar Tamayo Suárez, infuses him own identity to this noble institution. Our symbols, shields, services and hymn arise.

Arduous and valiant task has turned the National Guard from those years in and it advances to serve the Venezuelan citizens and to be won its respect. It is the Guard friend, of the Guard judge, the valiant Guard, and humble Guard. It is that invested Venezuelan of authority that is safe guarantor of justice to the citizen in border towns or neighborhoods of the cities.

The people doesn't have doubts, the true reason of being of the GN <National Guard> is the professional troop, is the National Guard, not the General, neither the Colonel who has sat down the bases of what today is of institution. It is the Guard National who graduated from Ramo Verde, Cordero or Punta de Mata, the one that takes risks, the one that really feel hurt to see they put an end to so noble institution the General ones whose only interest is to arrive and to stay in the power.

Is the Professional Troop, the Cabos and Sergeants, those that the last year raised their voices in protest when the Government sought to eliminate the GN to transform it into Territorial Guard. They were the Distinguished ones, Cabos and Sergeants the only ones that protested in the 2005 when the CORE-8 was eliminated. They are the common, distinguished Guards, Cabos and Sergeants who are really hurt their partners were murdered brutally in Perija, Cutuffi or the La Charca.

Us, the common citizens, we are the people of Venezuela, victims of the ambition of the Government and corrupt Politicians. You, the professional troop, they are the National Guard's people, victim of the corrupt ambition of the General and the Official. And today, people of the GN and people of Venezuela, we should unite to protest and to stop so much abuse, so much violation and insult.

Yes, it is an abuse, to know that so much money exists in this country and we have miserable wages, we don't have uniforms, it doesn't exist social services and the muggers makes what they wants in the street. It is an insult to our dignity the relationship of friendship and homages that this Government surrenders to the FARC, that group that he kidnaps and it extorts to the people, that group that he murders our troops in the frontiers. It is a violation to our history GN to accept today all our functions and institutional services, seek to be completed by a National Police to the Government's service and not to the Venezuelan State's.

It is for that reason that today the call is to the protest, the call is to put on beside the National Constitution, the call is to put on beside the worthy history that our ancestors built to who today surrenders homage.

We, as Organized Civil Corporation, inspired by the word of God, to the service of those but weak, to the service of the defenseless voices of this Country and against the injustice and the oppression, we make a call to achieve the attention of you, of the Venezuelans and to the World, and to scream from the bottom of our heart that Venezuela is a country that we love , that is a piece of this Earth that belongs to us and because of that we defend it, and we will protest today, tomorrow and always against those who seek to continue putting an end to our HOMELAND.

What, because, will we say to this? If God is for us, Who against us? Roman 8:31-32

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