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Thursday, June 26, 2008

European Court Requested to Judge Chavez

The Plataforma de Venezolanos en Madrid (Venezuelans in Madrid Platform), an NGO that launched a campaign entitled "Judge Chávez," expects the initiative will instill awareness in the international community.

The organization has made known their request made at The Hague International Criminal Court to investigate into Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez for his alleged ties with the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC). They think that there is enough evidence to review the case and now more than ever, as appears from the files retrieved from the laptop of guerilla leader Raúl Reyes, who was killed on March 1st during a military raid, AP reported.

If the ICC authorizes an investigation for a subsequent trial, it would be the first time that the court would hear a case related to an incumbent head of state.

For the time being, no date has been set for a decision. "It is a complex, long process, but we are confident," said William Cárdenas, an attorney with the organization.

"Now, we would like to host a huge event with associations from all over Europe in Madrid. Right now, we have the support of 30 organizations."

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