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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Chavez urging FARC to end armed struggle?

So, what's happened here?... what such a coincidence, a 2 days after Colombian authorities arrested 2 Venezuelans soldiers with munitions who were being send to FARC, Chavez now is madly asking the Terrorist Group to stop the armed struggle and free the hostages. And even more, saying a Guerrilla is out of place in Latin America... what's up with that thing about accepting FARC belligerence?... is Hugo Chavez chickens out?

CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged Colombian rebels on Sunday to lay down their weapons, unilaterally free dozens of hostages and put an end to a decades-long armed struggle against Colombia's government.

Forces of Colombia, or FARC, saying their ongoing efforts to overthrow Colombia's democratically elected government were unjustified.

"The guerrilla war is history," said Chavez, speaking during his weekly television and radio program, "Hello President."

"At this moment in Latin America, an armed guerrilla movement is out of place."

Such declarations were unexpected from Chavez, a self-described socialist who earlier this year called on world governments to remove the FARC from terrorist lists and suggested the guerrillas should be recognized as a legitimate insurgent force.

Addressing new FARC leader Alfonso Cano, Chavez said, "I think the time has come to free all of the hostages you have. It would be a great, humanitarian gesture. In exchange for nothing." [...]

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