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Friday, June 6, 2008

Chavez Regime Being Prepared for War

Hugo Chavez has criticized in several occasion the warlord attitude of George W. Bush, but has he looking into the mirror recently.

Chavez Regime, under strong instruccion by Hugo Chavez already started why they call "Socialist Homeland 2008", that is get all the army toys ready for a war, starting with the Sukhois planes Russian Putin gave to Chavez, and some missiles ground - air.

Here is a picture of the life broadedcasting transmission made by the Official State TV, VTV, just exactly as Soviet Union, Communist Regime and Facsist Regime did.

Everybody in Venezuela knows what that is, just to try to intimidate and looking for the opposition and Venezuelans to get the attention on this and forget the upcoming regional elections where the Opposition has strong probabilities to get all the states and most of the municipalities.

Below you can see the Reservist:

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