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Monday, May 19, 2008

Eurovision Week

Semi-Final 1 already took place. Great news was Dustin The Turkey and Kreisiradio didn't get to the Final. Bad News, Rebeka Dremelj neither, and apparently Spain didn't watch or vote the SF 'cause Gisel, representing Andorra also didn't get into the big event.

Oh, another bad news, Dima Bilan passed to the final.

These are the top songs I've picked from all competitors of Eurovision Song Contest 2008, after have been analyzed sort of things like singing, lyrics, song recorded, live performance, choreography, and the ability to keep my attention on 'em.

I will change this list after the 2 semi-final with all entries that could reach the major event, the Final next Saturday, but as it is right now, I think they are the best this year. If you may ask, the worst thing I think could happen on ESC this year is watching Dima Bilan winning.

I just hope Paolo Meneguzzi has fixed his performance as he had troubles during his rehearsal, he even slipped and almost fall down.

I think it is time for a guy, a male singer to win Eurovision, ladies have to many already. In the last 10 years, at least 7 winnings were for female singers, the rest 3 went to a group/band/duo, I can't remember when was the last time a male singer won an ESC, so that's why I choose Paolo Meneguzzi, lightly above Charlotte Parrelli from Sweden with 'Hero', but I'm afraid of Paolo's performance after saw the rehearsal, if I could I'd recommend him to go back with the previous performance/choreography we saw on the Preselection, or that one we can see on the different videos on YouTube.

The big revelation this year I think is Turkish entry, rock band Mor Ve Ötesi with Deli (Crazy), they are great and their performance, as I could see on the rehearsal are great. Bulgaria also could do something big.

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