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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Venezuela Chavez Critic Journalist Detained & Tortured

Journalist Leocenis Garcia, owner of newspaper 'Sexto Poder', and one of the most Chavez critic journalist was detained and tortured by Carabobo State Police officer while he was on a investigation.

Leocenis García is well known in Venezuela for investigating the corruption inside PDVSA oil company, among with Priest 'Padre Palmar', and they gave special attention to Oil & Energy Minister and PDVSA President Rafael Ramirez.

Leocenis Garcia was detained by Carabobo State Police authorities for breaking & enter a newspaper offices in Valencia city, owned by Chavez Governor candidate Abdala Makled.

During this detention, journalist Leocenis García vanished, and National and Military Police Officers were informed to do searches nationwide in order to find alive this Chavez critic journalist.

This happend yesterday, Sarturday 3rd May. Today, Sunday, news agencies reported the Journalist was taken to the motorist brigade of that Police, and now was taken to the Carabobo State Justice Tribunal.

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