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Friday, May 23, 2008

Opposition Remember RCTV Shutdown

The several opposition organizations in Venezuela convoked to a massive rally to remember the first year of the deadly decision of Hugo Chavez to shutdown the oldest and most popular TV station in Venezuela, Radio Caracas Television.

RCTV is now broadcasting through satellite and cable TV systems as RCTV International, although Chavez Regime has been trying to censure them also through that broadcasting system.

The different opposition political parties, among with The Students Movement and NGO's will take the streets, once again, next Sunday 25th to remember that sadly day when the image of RCTV went pitch black, and a new TV station, under completely control of Hugo Chavez, raised to try to brain wash Venezuelans, and not only to remember that day, but to order Chavez Regime to re-establish the signal of RCTV on open airwaves and to give them back all their broadcasting equipment that were stolen from them. Some of them have been given to the National Guard.

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