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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Story of Being Assaulted & Robbed

As some of you could know, last Monday I went to Caracas, in order to visit US Embassy for a Visa procedure I has been doing (Diversity Visa... The Lottery, btw).

But when I arrive to Caracas and went to take the Subway in the station named 'Gato Negro' (Black Cat) I was assaulted by 2 young persons from a 'barrio' near by, just in the downstairs to the subway station up level when you buy tickets.

They threaten me to kill me with a gun, but when I didn't see any weapon and didn't felt any weapon on my back I decided to yell out asking for the Subway station security.

I was carrying a backpack and a shop bag, fortunately they didn't still me these stuff because I immediately start yelling for security who took a while to coming, but one of them took his hand on my left pocket, picking my Ipod Touch, and the other took my wallet, they went away fast, and like flash crossed the avenue, then 2 police officers appeared and follow them but didn't reach them.

Then the subway station security appeared, they write down a not so formal denounce, I didn't go to the police because is under Chavez control and they didn't do anything. Plus the Subway station has a security camera on that downstairs, they could do something with that, but I don't think they will do it, this is fucking Venezuela.

Anyway, and the other thing that really pissed me off is that I wasn't alone on the downstairs, and the rest of the people didn't do anything, just after the whole thing happened a lovely lady offered me her cellphone to call someone.

I went with lucky, I wasn't carry my national ID on the wallet, and later that day I blocked all Credit and Debit Card, they stilled me BsF 450 (US$ 200) but they took my Ipod Touch, aghhhhhhh!, well but the Ipod is locked with a password so they can't do anything with it. I think I can't make some kind of denounce at Apple, because you need to register the Ipod by creating an account on Itunes Store and Venezuela doesn't appear on the list of countries available to the service, nor I have a valid credit card to use it on Internet, because the exchange heavy control Chavez has implemented from almost 10 years already.

Anyway, the thing is that I'm fine, although I received I punched on my face (I have a lightly bump on my nose) and some of the guy tried to push me down the stair, because the other guy told him to do it, but fortunately my backpack avoid me to fall down the stairs.

With respect to my Visa Interview, I had other problems with the people, a lawyer firm who legalize and translate documents and I lost my appointment. I have another one, in June 25th so we need to wait until that to see if I stay in Venezuela or if I go to America.

That's all I want to share with you guys and hope you don't pass for I just passed.



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