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Friday, May 30, 2008

Hugo Chavez Creates His Gestapo

Hugo Chavez has just set a new law, the Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence law, which he has dissolved the Military and Police Intelligence Agencies (DIM and DISIP) and creates ones of his own personal usage: The General Direction of Intelligence and General Direction of Counter-Intelligence, both under direct control of the Minister of Interior and Justice, right now leaded by a terrorist FARC non-declared member, Ramón Rodríguez Chacín.

He already carried with that charge, guest when? on 2002, and on April 11th he hired Cuban G2 sniper who shot to the persons who were marching to the Presidential Palace (to avoid reach the Palace), and even worst, to his own people, Chavez supporters who were next to the Palace.

But that's not all, the limit of information that he proposed in the constitutional reform and people rejected last December has been included in the article 28. This article says the follow:

Responsibilities in the Publication or Revelation
The publication or revelation of activities, information, documents and declared objects as confidential or secret, it will carry the civil liabilities, prisons and office workers settled down by the law
The content of this new law can be found in Spanish here

The Director of the current DISIP, admitted on Wednesday 4th June, that they are already spying opposition and media.

In Spain, a newspaper compared this Law with George W. Bush Patriot Act.

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