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Friday, May 30, 2008

Hugo Chavez Creates His Gestapo

Hugo Chavez has just set a new law, the Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence law, which he has dissolved the Military and Police Intelligence Agencies (DIM and DISIP) and creates ones of his own personal usage: The General Direction of Intelligence and General Direction of Counter-Intelligence, both under direct control of the Minister of Interior and Justice, right now leaded by a terrorist FARC non-declared member, Ramón Rodríguez Chacín.

He already carried with that charge, guest when? on 2002, and on April 11th he hired Cuban G2 sniper who shot to the persons who were marching to the Presidential Palace (to avoid reach the Palace), and even worst, to his own people, Chavez supporters who were next to the Palace.

But that's not all, the limit of information that he proposed in the constitutional reform and people rejected last December has been included in the article 28. This article says the follow:

Responsibilities in the Publication or Revelation
The publication or revelation of activities, information, documents and declared objects as confidential or secret, it will carry the civil liabilities, prisons and office workers settled down by the law
The content of this new law can be found in Spanish here

The Director of the current DISIP, admitted on Wednesday 4th June, that they are already spying opposition and media.

In Spain, a newspaper compared this Law with George W. Bush Patriot Act.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pitcher Geremi Gonzalez Died

Géremi González, Venezuelan famous pitcher who played on the big leagues with Chicago Cubs, Tampa Blue Rays, Toronto Bluebirds, among other 3 teams, died yesterday by a fatal lighting who broke his golden necklace. This happen during rain on Zulia state. He was 33

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nº 1 FARC Terrorist Marulanda Died Months Ago

Colombian Government has announced that confirmed Nº 1 FARC member, the chief of Colombian Terrorist Group Marulanda (alias Tirofijo) died because natural decease in march, but FARC and Chavez Regime tried to keep them alive to the World.

Hugo Chavez has said in several occasions that he spoke with Marulanda, but how? through the Ouija Game?.

The media in Latin America is crazy covering this major news, cause now Hugo Chavez has plenty to explain about his relationship with FARC.

Colombian experts have said now with number 1 FARC member dead, is about months to see the end of Terrorist Group FARC.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Opposition Remember RCTV Shutdown

The several opposition organizations in Venezuela convoked to a massive rally to remember the first year of the deadly decision of Hugo Chavez to shutdown the oldest and most popular TV station in Venezuela, Radio Caracas Television.

RCTV is now broadcasting through satellite and cable TV systems as RCTV International, although Chavez Regime has been trying to censure them also through that broadcasting system.

The different opposition political parties, among with The Students Movement and NGO's will take the streets, once again, next Sunday 25th to remember that sadly day when the image of RCTV went pitch black, and a new TV station, under completely control of Hugo Chavez, raised to try to brain wash Venezuelans, and not only to remember that day, but to order Chavez Regime to re-establish the signal of RCTV on open airwaves and to give them back all their broadcasting equipment that were stolen from them. Some of them have been given to the National Guard.

A prince of Asturias for Venezuelan Orchestras

(EL UNIVERSAL/AGENCIES) Conductor José Antonio Abreu celebrated the prize Prince of Asturias Prize of Arts


The whole world of music was happy with the news: Venezuela's Children and Youth Orchestras were awarded in Oviedo the Prince of Asturias Prize of Arts, 2008 Edition.

The jury awarded the orchestras with the prize "for having put together in one single project the highest artistic quality and a deep ethical conviction intended to improve the social reality."

It could not be otherwise. The Venezuelan System of Children and Youth Orchestras (Fesnojiv) was created 30 years ago by composer and economist José Antonio Abreu. This project has managed to change the life of more than 400,000 people. Most of them are children and adolescents from two to 25 years old who have joined a network of 120 orchestras.

This number does not include additional thousand youngsters signed up in workshops where they learn to manufacture and repair instruments. There are also dedicated programs for disabled kids.

"The system created by Master Abreu has trained the highest level conductors and performers based on a bold confidence in the educational value of music on behalf of the human dignity," said in Oviedo José Lladó Fernández-Urrutia, the jury president.

Translated by Conchita Delgado

Monday, May 19, 2008

Eurovision Week

Semi-Final 1 already took place. Great news was Dustin The Turkey and Kreisiradio didn't get to the Final. Bad News, Rebeka Dremelj neither, and apparently Spain didn't watch or vote the SF 'cause Gisel, representing Andorra also didn't get into the big event.

Oh, another bad news, Dima Bilan passed to the final.

These are the top songs I've picked from all competitors of Eurovision Song Contest 2008, after have been analyzed sort of things like singing, lyrics, song recorded, live performance, choreography, and the ability to keep my attention on 'em.

I will change this list after the 2 semi-final with all entries that could reach the major event, the Final next Saturday, but as it is right now, I think they are the best this year. If you may ask, the worst thing I think could happen on ESC this year is watching Dima Bilan winning.

I just hope Paolo Meneguzzi has fixed his performance as he had troubles during his rehearsal, he even slipped and almost fall down.

I think it is time for a guy, a male singer to win Eurovision, ladies have to many already. In the last 10 years, at least 7 winnings were for female singers, the rest 3 went to a group/band/duo, I can't remember when was the last time a male singer won an ESC, so that's why I choose Paolo Meneguzzi, lightly above Charlotte Parrelli from Sweden with 'Hero', but I'm afraid of Paolo's performance after saw the rehearsal, if I could I'd recommend him to go back with the previous performance/choreography we saw on the Preselection, or that one we can see on the different videos on YouTube.

The big revelation this year I think is Turkish entry, rock band Mor Ve Ötesi with Deli (Crazy), they are great and their performance, as I could see on the rehearsal are great. Bulgaria also could do something big.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rebel Documents Present Damning Evidence of Venezuelan Aid to FARC

(FoxNews) Venezuela offered substantial military help to Colombian rebels in their fight against the Colombian government, according to a report Thursday by the Washington Post, which cited internal rebel documents.

The Post reports that Venezuelan officials set up contacts with Australian arms dealers and arranged for missile training in the Middle East, according to the documents, which were on computer hard drives seized by Colombia.

Venezuela's ties to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, came under further scrutiny Thursday when Interpol said it had concluded that the Colombian government hadn't tampered with the seized computers.

Interpol's report bolsters Colombia's claims that the computers contain evidence of meddling by Venezuela in its neighbor's war with FARC. Venezuela has asserted the files on the computer are bogus, and on Thursday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denounced the Interpol report as "ridiculous."

The developments come on the heels of Chavez's warning Wednesday that Colombia should not allow a U.S. military base on the border between the two countries, or else Venezuela would consider it an act of "aggression" that would revive a decades-old territorial conflict in the region known as La Guajira.

"We will not allow the Colombian government to give La Guajira to the empire," Chavez said, referring to the U.S. during a speech to a packed auditorium of uniformed soldiers. "Colombia is launching a threat of war at us."

Diplomatic relations between Caracas and Bogota have been rocky for months. They worsened last week when Colombia unveiled documents allegedly showing that Chavez sought to arm and finance Colombian rebels.

Interpol's findings are sure to increase pressure on Chavez, and more revelations are likely to emerge, since Interpol also turned over 983 decrypted files to Colombia and left it up to Colombian officials to decide whether to make the contents public.

Colombian commandos recovered the three Toshiba Satellite laptop computers, two external hard drives and three USB memory sticks after destroying the rebel camp just across the border in Ecuador. FARC foreign minister Raul Reyes and 24 others were killed in the March 1 raid.

The 39-page forensic report by Interpol concluded Colombian authorities did not always follow internationally accepted methods for handling computer evidence, but said that didn't taint the data.

The France-based international police agency limited itself to verifying whether Colombia altered the files and correctly handled the evidence, but did not address the contents of the documents.

More than a dozen internal rebel messages detail several years of close cooperation between top Venezuelan and FARC officials, including rebel training facilities on Venezuelan soil and a meeting inside Venezuela's equivalent of the Pentagon, according to the Associated Press, which reviewed text files provided by a senior Colombian official.

The Washington Post reported Colombian officials said they had no evidence that the guerrillas obtained antiaircraft missiles with Venezuela's help, but Venezuelan authorities seem to have provided rocket-propelled grenade launchers and other weaponry to FARC.

"They are serious allegations about Venezuela supplying arms and support to a terrorist organization," U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said in Washington. "Certainly, that has deep implications for the people of the region."

My Story of Being Assaulted & Robbed

As some of you could know, last Monday I went to Caracas, in order to visit US Embassy for a Visa procedure I has been doing (Diversity Visa... The Lottery, btw).

But when I arrive to Caracas and went to take the Subway in the station named 'Gato Negro' (Black Cat) I was assaulted by 2 young persons from a 'barrio' near by, just in the downstairs to the subway station up level when you buy tickets.

They threaten me to kill me with a gun, but when I didn't see any weapon and didn't felt any weapon on my back I decided to yell out asking for the Subway station security.

I was carrying a backpack and a shop bag, fortunately they didn't still me these stuff because I immediately start yelling for security who took a while to coming, but one of them took his hand on my left pocket, picking my Ipod Touch, and the other took my wallet, they went away fast, and like flash crossed the avenue, then 2 police officers appeared and follow them but didn't reach them.

Then the subway station security appeared, they write down a not so formal denounce, I didn't go to the police because is under Chavez control and they didn't do anything. Plus the Subway station has a security camera on that downstairs, they could do something with that, but I don't think they will do it, this is fucking Venezuela.

Anyway, and the other thing that really pissed me off is that I wasn't alone on the downstairs, and the rest of the people didn't do anything, just after the whole thing happened a lovely lady offered me her cellphone to call someone.

I went with lucky, I wasn't carry my national ID on the wallet, and later that day I blocked all Credit and Debit Card, they stilled me BsF 450 (US$ 200) but they took my Ipod Touch, aghhhhhhh!, well but the Ipod is locked with a password so they can't do anything with it. I think I can't make some kind of denounce at Apple, because you need to register the Ipod by creating an account on Itunes Store and Venezuela doesn't appear on the list of countries available to the service, nor I have a valid credit card to use it on Internet, because the exchange heavy control Chavez has implemented from almost 10 years already.

Anyway, the thing is that I'm fine, although I received I punched on my face (I have a lightly bump on my nose) and some of the guy tried to push me down the stair, because the other guy told him to do it, but fortunately my backpack avoid me to fall down the stairs.

With respect to my Visa Interview, I had other problems with the people, a lawyer firm who legalize and translate documents and I lost my appointment. I have another one, in June 25th so we need to wait until that to see if I stay in Venezuela or if I go to America.

That's all I want to share with you guys and hope you don't pass for I just passed.



Sunday, May 11, 2008

US probes Chavez's links with FARC

Complete Report Made by El Universal

May 5th

Interpol confirms authenticity of Raúl Reyes's computer files

The information found in the computers of the deceased leader of the rebel Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), Raúl Reyes, was not manipulated by Colombian authorities, according to an Interpol's report to be released next May 15, as disclosed by Bogota El Tiempo daily newspaper [...]

May 6th

US Senate Committee probes Chávez

he US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations ponders to penalize Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez if the ties between Venezuela and the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) are proven.

This is the main conclusion gotten from a document prepared by the Committee and disclosed by newspaper El Tiempo.com.

Such report recommends including Venezuela in the list of terrorist countries as the authenticity of Raúl Reyes' computer files was confirmed.

If this suggestion is accepted, "US legislators must ensure that the law is crafted carefully based on a flexible approach. Thus, it can guarantee that sanctions affect Chávez, and do not strengthen his chances to manipulate public opinion in his favor, both in Venezuela and South America," ElTiempo.com reported.

May 8th

Bush: Chávez turned Venezuela into a safe haven for FARC

"To counter the influence of an anti-US Venezuelan government," US President George W. Bush advised US Congress to endorse a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Colombia. However, his motion is rejected by most Democratic Party members.

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe "is facing continued affront from the terrorist group called (Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces) FARC," said Bush. In his opinion, the Colombian government faces also the influence of an "anti-US neighbor, such as Venezuela," Efe reported [...]

May 9th

US Intelligence links Chávez with FARC

Officials of the US Intelligence think that the computer files that tie Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez to the rebel Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) are true and accurate, reported on Friday The Wall Street Journal.

The files, all of them of 2007, depict meetings between guerrilla commanders and Venezuelan government authorities, including Chávez, according to the daily, based on the review of more than 100 papers.

"There is complete agreement in the intelligence community that these documents are what they purport to be," a senior US official told the daily with regard to the files that, according to the Colombian government, were taken from the guerrillas following a raid to one of their camps.

The files indicate that Venezuela apparently made concrete offers to help arm the FARC, the daily said, and also the use of one of its ports to receive arms shipments. In another document, a high-ranking official asked FARC to train Venezuelan military in guerrilla warfare.

Interpol to disclose report of authentication of Reyes' computer

Interpol is to submit next Thursday, May 15th, to Colombian authorities a public report and findings on its forensic analysis of the informational material seized from the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), followed by a press conference.

Previously, the Colombian authorities will receive the confidential version of the report.

Pursuant to an agreement executed with Colombia on March 12th in Bogotá, the Interpol aid would include sending a crisis management taskforce to Bogotá in order to get exact copies of the data contained in three laptops, three USB keys and two external drives. Afterwards, they would conduct an independent analysis of the data, said the agency website.

Santos: FARC is in Venezuela and nothing happens

Colombian intelligence agencies found that a chief of the rebel Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) is present in Venezuelan territory and despite having conveyed "many times" that information to President Hugo Chávez' government "nothing happens," said Colombian Minister of Defense Juan Manuel Santos.

Rebel chief Iván Márquez, the successor of FARC second-in-command Raúl Reyes -who was killed by Colombian troops during a raid in Ecuador last March 1st- "is in Venezuela. Many times have we provided the coordinates and the information (to the Venezuelan government) and nothing happens," Santos lamented.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Money Papers Being Sold at Higher its Value

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a set of new 6 Money Papers that has been circulating in Venezuela since January 1st this year, is on sell on the eBay based marketing site MercadoLibre at the bidding has passing the VEF BsF 1000 the value (1 million of the old Bolivar currency system).

I have no idea of what the local laws say about the sells of coins and money papers currently on circulation, but that set of Money Papers has reached that amount because the serial number is low, meaning they are one of the first money papers printed.

This new currency system has been circulating in Venezuela from about 4 months it already lost 10% of its value. (inflation increased by almost 10% this year) .

Friday, May 9, 2008

Milka Duno on Speed Racer

Venezuelan female sportscar racer Milka Duno plays the role of Kellie “Gearbox”, a race car driver, in the highly anticipated Speed Racer movie that is based on the 1960’s classic animated series.

Despite she has not going so well on Nascar Car racing in USA (She crashed her car twice on Indy 500 competition) and the fact that she has being looking with bad eyes by Venezuelans for her 'suppose' support to Hugo Chavez Regime, her appearance on Speed Racer Movie, with the direction of The Matrix creators, The Wachowsky Brothers, will be give a big impulse on her career.

I hope she puts her life on perspective and has better luck on her next racing competitions. Speed Racer has been released today on theaters Worlwide.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Venezuela Chavez Critic Journalist Detained & Tortured

Journalist Leocenis Garcia, owner of newspaper 'Sexto Poder', and one of the most Chavez critic journalist was detained and tortured by Carabobo State Police officer while he was on a investigation.

Leocenis García is well known in Venezuela for investigating the corruption inside PDVSA oil company, among with Priest 'Padre Palmar', and they gave special attention to Oil & Energy Minister and PDVSA President Rafael Ramirez.

Leocenis Garcia was detained by Carabobo State Police authorities for breaking & enter a newspaper offices in Valencia city, owned by Chavez Governor candidate Abdala Makled.

During this detention, journalist Leocenis García vanished, and National and Military Police Officers were informed to do searches nationwide in order to find alive this Chavez critic journalist.

This happend yesterday, Sarturday 3rd May. Today, Sunday, news agencies reported the Journalist was taken to the motorist brigade of that Police, and now was taken to the Carabobo State Justice Tribunal.