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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Danny Glover Receives 28 Millions from Chavez for his Next Project

Last year, Chavez Regime gave USD$ 18.000.000 to actor Danny Glover in order to appeared on a Venezuelan co-produced movie about a Haitian independence's leader, François Dominique Toussaint-Louverture.

Yesterday Venezuela National Assembly approves gives him another USD$ 9.840.505 turned Danny Glover participation in this project as the most wealth salary for a male actor, No one in Hollywood has received USD$ 28.000.000 for appeared on a movie I think, just Tom Hanks whose rumors say he signed a USD$ 30.000.000 contract for Da Vinci Code prequel Angels & Demons.

This petition was realized by Venezuelan Treasure Ministry, Chavez Regime created last year the Film Production Company 'Villa del Cine', in order to compete against Hollywood, according to Hugo Chavez.

The first movie from 'Villa del Cine' was released last year 'Miranda Regresa' (Miranda: The Return), the first blockbuster movie in Venezuela, and Danny Glover had a little role in that.

Not enough with this, Venezuela Ministry said there will be free projection of this movie on Television, and community areas, after the movie has released in both Venezuela and USA.

There's no information about how much money Chavez Regime will gain for the co-production of this movie.

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