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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chavez Regime Set Up Revealed

The suppose witness of Danilo Anderson Case, who blamed several persons related to the opposition in Venezuela, including journalist Patricia Poleo (3rd picture on the right above), and several Intelligence Police Commissaries has given an interview and presented to the tribunals to deny everything he said before and confirmed that all was a set up from Chavez Regime.

Lawyer of Giovanni Vasquez (2nd picture on the left above) said the whole set up was planed by Chavez Regime, and Giovanny Vasquez was taken to a Presidential House in La Orchila Island (this Island is exactly as Camp David) in order to negotiate the set up.

Former General State prosecutor Isaias Rodriguez (Former Vice-President also) was the master mind behind the set up and Chavez Regime agreed to pay him 7 MILLION USD, but Chavez Regime only paid USD $500.000, through the Ministry of Interior and Justice.

Patricia Poleo, among the police officers are exiled in USA, but there are other persons detained, including the Guevara Brothers.

Before know this, Isaias Rodriguez gave a press meeting saying these is a 'whole set up' planed by the CIA.

TV station broadcasted a video from a old interview a journalist did to Giovanni Vasquez back in 2006, an in that time he admitted this was a whole set up. People in Venezuela are waiting for a new press meeting from this guy, but apparently he is seeking for a secure place to hide, is very probably that he will looking for an asylum at some embassy. This interview was
presented by Giovanni Vasquez's lawyer and was one of the proofs Giovanni Vasquez presented to the tribunals. Giovanni Vasquez's lawyer also said Giovanni presented a book where is a handwriting of Isaias Rodriguez telling him all he had to do. Giovanni Vasquez also received Dead Threats from Chavez Regime. He also denied he was a part of some Para-military group. He also said Isaias Rodriguez let him carried guns, he also said he has a picture of La Orchila meeting and Hugo Chavez appeared in the picture.

Giovanni Vasquez said Chavez Regime already planed his payment and moving him out the country to a Middle Eastern Country.

Patricia Poleo immediately responded and sent a message through media to current General State Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz, saying 'you have proofs that I'm innocent'. the problem is that Luisa Ortega Diaz is another Chavez unconditional, she was a prosecutor against the commissaries who defended citizen from Chavez group shooting during the April 11th 2002 events.

According to the journalist that did the interview to Giovanni Vasquez, she didn't present that video before because Giovanni Vasquez treated her and pointed her with a gun and sized the video that now it is presented to the media. The original footage was recorded on August 14th, 2006

In this video Giovanni Vasquez let see the Vice-President from that time, Jose Vicente Rangel has something to do with the assassination of Danilo Anderson (1st picture on the left above). At this time we didn't know where is this journalist who did the interview, Mrs. Maria Angelica Correa (2nd picture on the right above).

Below is a video from the interview the Lawyer of Giovanni Vasquez has just did, Giovanni Vasquez is on a hidden place given another interview to 3 journalists that will be broadcasted to the media shortly. Is in Spanish btw, no subtitles.

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