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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chavez Regime Breaking & Entering House of Major TV Presenter

Chavez Regime breaking and entering into Marieta Santana's House, one of the most popular TV host of Venezuela, quite like Oprah.

Marietana Santana has a talk show in RCTV (coindicence?) called 'A Puerta Cerrada' (At Closed Door) when she discuss with people and guests differnts topics, specially social.

According to a statement gave by Mrs Santana on RCTV, Metropolitan Police or at least persons hidden under that Police uniform (acting under the orders of the Ministry of Interior and Justice, in charge of a FARC member) approach her house and because she denied to let them in, they broke the entrance and with their faces cover with masks, entered into her house search for papers, and others.

Last year, Marieta Santana was fired from the TV station she was working (La Tele, under Chavez influences) because she attended several rallies in support of RCTV, back to those days when Chavez Regime shutdown that TV station, the most popular and viewable of Venezuela, with high ratings all day.

Updated: Yesterday, another journalist received the same treatment in Lara state. She was investigating a general.

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