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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chavez Hordes Ready Set for A Civilian War

Popular Caracas 'Barrio' (ghetto) '23 de Enero' is on 'red alert', all access were closed by Chavez mercenaries groups who have taken all ghetto under control. They used to attack opposition groups and scare people like Hezbollah in Lebanon. Military convoys was sight near by but they do nothing. Some early pictures.

These radical groups gave a press meeting, they said it was a 'civilian and revolutionary' strike to protest recent detentions and persecution of people in several 'barrios' in Caracas for being implicated in recent terrorist attacks in Caracas, including the detonation of an explosive in the major Chamber of Commerce Building.

They are heavily armed, even with war ammo like large weapons, grenades, neuro-toxic gas, etc. All of them have been given by Chavez regime, many of those weapons are coming from Iran.

By the way, one of the rebels who made a speech, said there were members from 'Zapatist' group, so I would like to hear what the original Zapatist group in Mexico has to say about this. There are also 'Tupamaros' and followers of 'Lina Ron'.

By the way, it is very interesting that they hide their faces, Hugo Chavez on a speech last year said they don't use that kind of things, they didn't hide their faces, pretty interesting.

Chavez lightly mention this atrocity on a obliged TV & Radio address, he said these groups are 'terrorist groups from the imperialism' (imperialism means USA to Chavez).

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