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Monday, April 28, 2008

Airplane Crashed on Residential Area

A light plane with at least 2 persons aboard crash in a residential in a zone known as Catia La Mar, in Vargas state.

The plane was just departed from Simon Bolivar International Airport, en route to Curaçao. The light plane (PIPER, model PA-34) crashed into a house near by a school (Emilio Gimón Sterling), 6 persons died because the impact, most of them residents of the house, there are also others wounded, according to latest reports. Among the deaths there are a 10 year-old little girl.

Fortunately all the children from the school are OK.

It's transcendence in Venezuela, that one of the passengers of the plane who crashed is no one else but a co-founder of Smartmatic company, the company of the polemic voting machines from the Referendum Recall of 2004, during that time, the president of the National Electoral Council was Jorge Rodríguez, the same who were Vice-President of Venezuela until some months ago, and the same who lead the Yes vote on the Constitutional Reform.... coincidence?

Update: New shocking revelations on this plane crash, turns out the pilot was a persons currently imprisoned for drug trafficking, he was on open regime (as a free with parole officer) , but with a prohibition to go out of the country. Despite of that, he was traveling to Curaçao.

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