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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ozzie Guillen Indignated with Hugo Chavez

Oswaldo "Ozzie" Guillen, one of the greatest baseball players in Venezuela, turned into Chicago White Sox manager has published a column on Venezuela newspaper El Universal where he expresses his disappointment about Chavez politics.

I swear to you I'd rather want to talk about baseball... ...The indignation stop me. I don't found any other word to express what I felt when I saw Venezuela's President keeping a minute of silent for a guy who was killed in Ecuador, who I didn't know who was and I don't care who was. It's very probably Venezuelans didn't know who this guy was before was kill.

Know they know him because Chavez turned him into a martyr of Colombian Revolution, while others call him terrorist and drug trafficker.

In contrary, I do care about the hundreds of Venezuelans who die everyday on Venezuela streets by underworld & muggers, or irresponsible drivers, even the latest who passed away in the airplane crash accidents, very lamentable, like the 518 flight from Santa Barbara airlines or the plane disappeared near Los Roques Islands, causing tens of deaths.

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