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Friday, March 14, 2008

Former President Call for Charges by General Prosecutor Office

The Office of the General Prosecutor call former President Jaime Lusinchi (1984 to 1989), among other 13 functionaries (civilians, military and police) from his administration to be charged for the 1986 incident known as 'The Yumare Massacre', where some members of DISIP (Intelligence Agency of Venezuela), executed nine members of the subversive group Punto Cero. Last year, on June, 2006, the former president, seven former officials of his government and 38 retired officials of the DISIP were accused at the 6th control court of Yaracuy, by relatives of the victims of the Yumare massacre. Jaime Lusinchi lives in self-imposed exile at the city of Miami.

During his presidency also happened the Massacre of 'El Amparo', in Apure state, on October 29, 1988, being killed by the army 14 humble fishermen, being mistaken for guerrillas.

Former President Jaime Lusinchi, a presidency well known for the massive corruption scandals, must to present himself at the court next April 1st.

My questions are
: and the killings of 27 & 28 February 1989 known as 'El Caracazo'?. Even worst, who will take responsibility for the more than a 100.000 assassinations during almost 10 years of Chavez Presidency/Regime?, specially the over 30 victims of April 11th 2002 events.

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