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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chavez Supporters Attacked Students at University

Once again, a group of Chavez hordes get into an University and gun shot students. There are around 25 wounded. This happen at UNEXPO University in Lara state.

At least, 4 of the wounded students are from gunshots, and 2 of them could be underage students. All activities were stop at this University.

Students from the UNEXPO decided to took streets near by and close it to protest against then aggressions.

Local police authorities were near the University when the attack happened, but they do nothing.

Last november, another group of Chavez hordes, with fire guns and motorcycle, broke & entered one of the mayor Universities in Venezuela, UCV in Caracas, with several students wounded. The same has been happening in other Universities in Caracas city, also in Merida and Tachira state.

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