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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chavez Shutdown an FM Radio Station

The Radio Station in question in 100.3, La FM de la Gran Caracas. The National Commission for Telecoms (CONATEL) says the radio station is operating illegally, but it looks like the frequency in which the Radio Station operates, 100.3 FM coincides with a communal radio created by Chavez Regime (one of many Chavez Regime uses to convoke their supporters to rallies, demonstrations, attack calls to oppositions, and of course, broadcasts of Chavez long-lasting speeches).

The Radio Station was working for 18 years old on old "Great Caracas" zone (Caracas city and its surrounding areas, including La Guaira Coast).

Pedro Rubin, General Director of the Radio Station, said there is nothing they can do because don't have all the financial resources to start a legal battle against Chavez Regime.

"After 10 years they realized that 'supposedly' my papers are not legal to operate in Caracas" he said. "I will introduce an appeal but I don't think that's going to work". The Radio Station is well known for the old-style broadcasting of radial soap operas, and the promotion of culture in Venezuela.

Article edited & translated from Venezolanos en Linea. You could hear the radio station live, following this link

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