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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Canadian Citizen Disappeared in Margarita Island

A Canadian citizen identified as Melchior Rápale Franz Dressler, disappeared 20 days ago, with his catamaran boat, named “Job”, who was at Juangriego Bay in the North of the island, from more than a year when he entered the island, next with his wife Elise Rothman D’Hauthuille.

Mrs. Elise Rothman, said this is a strange situation and is almost incredible that his husband has disappeared in that way, same as the big boat.

The Canadian couple were living between the boat and their house they were building in La Asunción, which is not ready yet. “There is more than 20 days there is neither a single word nor a communication, the boat is not at port, and it's look like the land swallow the man”, said Alejandro Gómez, attorney and specialist on Maritime Rights.

The disappearance of this citizen was already denounced at the Command of Coastguards, the Port Captaincy and the Public Ministry Office.

Mrs Elise Rothman, also said "For me is not possible he could go so far with the malfunctions the boat had, it had an opening at the main sail, a hole in the case some motor problems”, she said.

Taken from an article in spanish published at Sol de Margarita newspaper

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