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Monday, February 18, 2008

Oscars 2008: Casting my Votes

Of course I'm not a member of the AMPAS, but I found pretty funny playing like one and mark the votes for most of the options for next Academy Awards. I didn't see all the movies yet, but I did see almost all of them, and saw some footages and comments about the other ones.

My first impression of the nominees is the Foreign Language category, no 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, acclaimed Romanian movie, no Persepolis, my favorite movie of 2007, also no nomination in this category for Julian Schnabel's The Diving Bell & the Butterfly, of course it is a US made movie, but is in French...¿? ...or what about Ang Lee's Lust, Caution?

Hey, talking about animation movies, what's up with The Simpsons Movie, common, is Surf Up a better movie?, what about Beowulf ¿? I think they should have picked 5.

About the top of the awards, Best Picture, I thought this year would be the Coen Brothers year, that was until I saw There Will Be Blood, an outstanding movie from Paul Thomas Anderson that has several scenes that stuck in your eyes and could be pass to the history as a modern classic. That scene with Daniel Day-Lewis rising his hand with oil, and the acting duel between him and young and surprisingly amazing Paul Dano. But I can't understand why the Academy forgot Jonny Greenwood for the superb score.

I loved Juno, but as many other Indie great movies (In the Bedroom, Lost in Translation, Sideways) Academy awards this movie with the nomination. Remember all that buzz last year about Little Miss Sunshine would win?...

By the way and 'cause the movie talks about Oil Industry, I need to say there is a Documentary Feature already in limited release in Venezuela that tells the history of Oil Industry in Venezuela, it is a pretty interesting movie, also I think is the first Documentary Feature made for the wide screen in Venezuela, so good job for
Bolivar Films. The movie calls "El Reventon" Here is the Print Ballot with my votes for the Sunday's Academy Awards.

Please leave a comment with your favorites, do you think Michael Moore will win again? do you think some star will use his/her time on the mic to promote some Presidential Candidate vote? I hope they won't forget to remember Spanish actor/writer/director Fernando Fernan Gomez who passed away last year.

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