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Monday, February 4, 2008

February 4th: No More FARC Demonstration Worldwide

No More FARC demonstration pictures: US: Atlanta Orlando Houston Tampa NYC Boston Miami Chicago | Australia | UK: London | Spain: Barcelona Madrid | Canada | Germany | Japan | Azerbaijan | Angola | Red Sea | Hong Kong | Norway | France | Dubai | Netherlands | India | Switzerland | Uruguay | Chile | Malaysia | Venezuela: Caracas I II III IV Zulia Carabobo Merida | Colombia: Bogota I II III IV Photo Gallery

What it start with a group in Facebook spreaded inmediately Worldwide to strongly proptest against the assassins TERRORIST group FARC who had been receiving the support of Hugo Chavez who has a member of this Group on his Ministery Train. Worldwide this group is represented by Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba.

Colombians in anti-Farc protests

Colombians around the world have begun a day of protests against the Marxist rebel group Farc.

The "No More" movement, launched on the internet, will culminate with a major protest in the capital, Bogota.
Some groups have opposed the march, including some relatives of hostages, who fear the demonstrations may provoke Farc into treating them more harshly.

Farc rebels pledged at the weekend to release three high-profile political hostages for health reasons.
No handover date was given.

Global protest

Colombian expatriates held "No More Farc" demonstrations in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, and in three cities in Australia. In Colombia, marches are planned for 45 cities.

The BBC's Jeremy McDermott says school has been cancelled across much of the country so that children can join in, and many businesses have given their workers permission to march.

The protest was started on the social networking website Facebook by a 33-year-old engineer, Oscar Morales, from his home in Barranquilla on Colombia's Caribbean coast.

Over 250,000 Facebook users signed on, and the movement was taken up by newspapers and radio and television stations across the country.

The overall turnout for Monday's protests is expected to be in the millions, our correspondent says.

BBC Report

In Venezuela, demonstration took place in many places (Zulia, Tachira, Merida, Carabobo states), but mainly in Caracas, where the Students Movements approaches, gave some speeches and support Colombians to this call to the World to open eyes and realize the brutalities committed by this Terrorist group, supported by Hugo Chavez, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, Cuban Regime, and also some groups in Europe. The demonstration was also supported by political groups and NGO's in Venezuela. Demonstration took place in 165 countries around the World.

Chavez Regime and the TV state owned TV station VTV have attacked this demonstration saying this demonstration was made by "The Oppositionism in Venezuela", they immediately called to organize a counter-rally against Paramilitar Group Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia.

One thing that is very interesting to analyze is that Senator Piedad Cordoba (who was on the hostage release negotiations) neither approach nor support this demonstration. In fact, she appeared on television around 2 o clock local saying this rally is "racism and classicism". Of course she supports terrorism. This is interesting because CLARA ROJAS one of the hostages released by FARC last month is participating in the demonstration in Bogotá, Colombia, what about that, so what do you think Piedad Cordoba?, is she racist?, classicist?, excluder?

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