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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Extremist Group w/ Lina Ron Break Out

Chavez extremist supporters belonging to some kind of Guerrilla/Terrorist look alike group auto-denominated COMANDO LINA RON, among with other "revolutionary fronts" leaded by well-known violent Lina Ron herself, took Archbishop Palace in front of Bolivar Square. Lina Ron said they are a counter attack brigade with some plans unrevealed. They have bad violent attitude, verbally attacked Globovision reporter. She also let see a BOMB could be detonate in Globovision Headquarters, also will follow a tread of violent actions, She also criticized current Ministry of Interior & Justice, SHE IS TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!.

During the live broadcast of the events we could see I guy wearing and looking just like Che Guevara, he even had a cigar in his hand (not lighted btw...). He appeared on every "act" Lina Ron does. Check right picture (an old one)

Lina Ron attacked the Church in Venezuela saying they participated with "ultra-rightist" groups in the assassination of people during the loots/protests from 19 years ago, known as "El Caracazo". She was accompanied by 2 deputies from the National Assembly, one of them used to be an actor (Pedro Lander).... ¿?

Lina Ron said some groups already put several
BOMBS and NEXT ones could be coming as a personal action from different "collectives" (including one to Globovision building). She use several bad words, forbidden to use on public TV, according to the Responsibility on Radio & TV Law, decree by Chavez Regime, so she violated this, and also other laws, such as the Penal & Civil Codes.


At night this day, Chavez made a call to his favorite TV station VTV (the official Venezuelan Government TV station) and criticized the actions leaded by this woman. He said those actions were absurd and make damage into the Revolution). Of course he is mad, all worldwide media immediately focused on this story and totally forgot the circus act Chavez already has planned for the liberation of the 4 Colombian congressman who were captive from FARC terrorist group.

This is not the first time this woman put her legs on quick sands, in fact, she was already expelled from a Chavez party one time, the MVR, and she decided to create her own, the UPV (Union Popular Venezolana, should I translate this?)

So, my question is, is the National Assembly supporting this action, by the way very similar to that action Chavez Regime said some opposition members made at the Cuban Embassy in April 12th, 2002 during the April 2002 Events.

By the way, this woman came up to Venezuela's public attention after took the street on 9/11 to 'celebrate' the 9/11 terrorist attack.

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