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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Next February 4th: A Million Voices Against FARC

The time has come to use our voices. To cease the silence which has allowed FARC to survive. To make sure that every leader in the world, every guerrilla, hears us when we say: We reject and condemn FARC – EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army). The fighting and violence must stop NOW.

Again and again, FARC has been allowed to keep captive the thousands of kidnapped prisoners it has wrongfully detained for decades because their lies and tricks are repeated over and over again, to the point where nobody questions their veracity.
There are few acts more destructive to the dignity of a people than the wholesale kidnapping of innocent civilians. Over the past few years, FARC has continued to illegal and unjustly hold captive the thousands of Colombians who committed no crime other than being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Meanwhile, they continue to reap the benefits of a vast drug production and trafficking empire, which has given them the money and resources necessary to commit countless crimes against the people of our nation. FARC’s unjustifiable actions have left our country degraded and stricken with poverty after more than forty years of simply trying to defend its people’s security and liberty.

Colombia, Colombians, friends from all over the world, today we are united in our cause:


Let’s commit ourselves to join a million voices in this group so we can make a difference, and let the entire world know that we don’t need “People’s Army” here in Colombia; that FARC is a terrorist group, led by murderers and enemies of the people of Colombia and the world. Let us make sure the world knows that to be Colombian does not mean to be a drug dealer or a thief.

This is a cause beyond all political interests or colors. It’s a humanitarian cause, encouraged by a simple sense of solidarity, for the sake and welfare of our citizens.

Join us; We need our voices to be heard.

A million voices against FARC.

Join us at


You can use this logos to stamp the back of your white shirt for the protest on Feb 4th.

High Resolution English Logo (1600 x 3660) Download
Web resolution English Logo (175 x 400) Download

Colombia Soy Yo (Colombia I am)

Demonstration Gathering Points:


NEW YORK CITY, NY In front of UN. 12:00 noon. (EST) Contact: Jaime Caballero

MIAMI, FL Colombia Consulate's Parking lot . 10:00 a.m. (EST). Contact: Adelaida Vengoechea

WEST PALM BEACH, FL To Be Announce Contact: Carlos Grajales

ORLANDO, FL To Be Announce. Contact: Andres F. Galvis

TAMPA BAY, FL To Be Announce. Contact: Susana Mendoza

PHILADELPHIA, PA Cathedral. 12:00 noon. (EST) Contact: Maria Martinez

BOSTON, MA Government Center Square, City Hall side. 12:00 noon. (EST) Contact: nomasfarcboston@gmail.com

CHICAGO, IL To Be Announce. Contact: Paola Susan

WASHINGTON, DC To Be Announce. Contact: Laura Busche

SAN FRANCISCO, CA To Be Announce. Contact: Marcela Junguito

HOUSTON, TX To Be Announce. Contact: Javier Saavedra

DALLAS, TX To Be Announce. Contact: Herwing Peña

AUSTIN, TX To Be Announced. Contact: Diana Cuero

LOS ANGELES, CA To Be Announce. Contact: Ricardo Baez

STATE COLLEGE, PE To Be Announce. Contact: Natalia Santamaria

IOWA To Be Announce. Contact: William A. Montoya

LAS VEGAS, NV To Be Announce. Contact: Angela María Glass

KANSAS CITY, KS To Be Announce. Contact: Janet Anderson

DENVER, CO To Be Announce. Contact: Jose David Rodriguez

SEATTLE, WA To Be Announce. Contact: Juan Guillermo Orozco

PORTLAND, OR To Be Announce. Contact: Jacqueline Carmona

GREENVILLE, SC To Be Announce. Contact: Rafael Guarin


OROCOVIS To Be Announce. Contact: Jacqueline Suarez


TORONTO, DUNDAS Square. 11:00 a.m. (EST). Contact: Luis Orellano

MONTREAL Emilie-Gamelin Park, Berri-UQAM Subway Station. 12:00 noon (EST) Contact: Roberto Bustamante

OTTAWA To Be Announce. Contacto: Jaime Baquero

CALGARY To Be Announce. Contact: Daniel Vargas

EDMONTON To Be Announced. Contact: Francisca Olaya Nieto


PARIS Place de l'Hotel de Ville. 75004 PARIS. 1:00 p.m. (CET) Metro: Hotel de Ville. lines 1 and 11.
Contacts: David Velilla. Heider Pardo (Bordeaux)


MADRID Plaza Mayor en Madrid. Contact: Camilo Garavito

BARCELONA To Be Announce. Contact: Francisco Gazia

PALMAS DE CANARIAS To Be Announce. Contact: Francisco Javier Arenas

VALENCIA To Be Announce. Contact: Luzor Salas


ROME To Be Announce. Contact: Lizeth León Borja

MILANO To Be Announce Contact: Ana Maria Bucci

TORINO To Be Announce Contact: Jorge Tobón


DÜSSELDORF To Be Announce Contact: Javier Amaya

HAMBURG To Be Announce Contact: Camilo Palacios

MUNICH To Be Announce. Contact: Diana Seifert

FRANKFURT To Be Announce. Contact: Dilary Vargas


LONDON To Be Announce. 5:00 p.m. (GMT) Contact: Carmelita Hurtado

MANCHESTER To Be Announce Contact: Helen Parra

EDIMBURG To Be Announce Contact: Claudia Guerrero


DUBLIN To Be Announce Contact: Sebastián Castrillón


THE HAGUE Plein, front of Parliament. 11:30 a.m. (CET) Contact: Alejo Bernal


GENEVA To be Announce. Contacto: Zayury Tibaduiza


STOCKHOLM To Be Announce. Contact: Germán Gómez


To Be Announce. Contact: Luis Alfonso Montoya

More places listed (including Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey, India, Japan, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Central & South America).

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