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Friday, January 25, 2008

New Currency Coins Not Strong Enough

You must already know Chavez Regime established a new currency system in Venezuela from January 1st this year, basically is taking 3 zeros out. Everyone got new money papers, with a rare vertical position on the front, and also with a communist look-alike star on all of them. But almost nobody has been seeing the new coins.

50 cents coins

Above is a blurry image (the only one I could take, don't know why) of my only 2 new coins I already sought and I have. Doesn't look bad, but now there is a picture posted from a person on one forum that will blow your mind of the head.

You know, the new therm of this currency is Bolivar Fuerte (Bolivar Strong) just during the time both systems are circulating together, then it will be just Bolivar. The Strong thing, is Chavez's idea, because Venezuela SUPPOSEDLY has a STRONG economy and is a STRONG country, but the thing is that those coins apparently are not STRONG enough.

I don't know guys, what do you think? fake money papers is common, and apparently they already are, but FAKE COINS!!!

I don't know if those guys are traumatized with the Lord of The Rings or what, but this definitely reassemble what is the current condition of Venezuela, a bullshit country with a bullshit economy and a bullshit Government.

Update January 31st:

The Central Bank of Venezuela released a note who ask people to take care of the new coins and money papers. They also said the new coins were coined following International Standards. They admitted the coins had been breaking apart.

More and more people are denouncing their coins are been breaking apart. More Pictures:

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