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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Robbers Heist Bank Take Hostages

Yesterday morning, some muggers assaulted a BBVA Provincial Bank in Altagracia de Orituco, on Guarico state, keeping 30 persons as hostages inside the Bank. Pictures. At 10:00 am 29/01 crisis still continued, 6 persons have been released, hostages sending SMS and showing billboards saying their lives are in danger, ask authorities to accept the demands of kidnappers.

They ask for an ambulance and "maybe" an Helicopter, they want to take some hostages with them, including the Manager of the Bank who is, according to the vandals, non-negotiable. They also ask for a reporter an a cameraman to get inside the Bank. There are a baby and a pregnant woman among the hostages, also a Spanish citizen with her 2 kids (non-confirmed).

Governor of Guarico state, approached the zone, and was having meetings with Minister of Interior and Justice, and Crime Police Director.

Authorities cut power, water, and phone landlines supply to the Bank.

Hostage crisis passed by the 24 hours already. One thing that got my attention is one of the kidnappers, a young person, is wearing a Hard Rock Cafe cap. Guarico state is located in the heart of Venezuela, around 2.5 hours at south of capital city Caracas. Apparently they are carrying large weapons, even grenades.


· 1:30pm (UTC-4) Minister of Interior of Justice said on a press meeting 29/01, the kidnappers were taking drugs, he said he is worry about the kids and they are negotiation their release.

· 2:00pm (UTC-4) Globovision is informing some detonation inside the Bank. A hostage is shaking their hand through a broken window.

· 2:30pm (UTC-4) A doctor is being prepared to get inside the Bank checking the health status of the hostages. Minister of Interior and Justice keep having conversations, few steps near the entrance of the Bank.

· 2:38pm
(UTC-4) General Procurator from Guarico state informed the ambulance ask by the kidnappers is coming, ask reporters and families to step back away from the zone, they are in front of the Bank, crossing the street.

· 2:58pm (UTC-4) Governor said the already made an agreement with the kidnappers, kidnappers will leave the hostages, but the will take 5 of them with them into an ambulance and the kidnappers will drive away to an unknown zone, then the remain 5 hostages would be released. Governor also said the identify one of the kidnappers, contact and bring his family to the zone, making some pressure. The ambulance will be driven by one of the hostages. He reiterated the kidnappers are under influence of drugs. He also ordered/ask the reporters to not follow the ambulance. There are no injures.

· 3:08pm (UTC-4) 2 hostages get outside the Bank, check the ambulance, drive it back closer to the entrance door of the Bank. Hostages are getting inside the ambulance. One of the hostages is reiterating the kidnappers demand to nobody follow the ambulance. Ambulance leaved the place, authorities, plus people from around and families of hostages approach the bank. Apparently the kidnappers said if they didn't bring the ambulance in 20 minutes they would start killing the hostages.

· 4:00pm (UTC-4) Authorities say they are trying to trace the ambulance with helicopters.

People in Venezuela start speculating on the possibility of this kidnapped was sort of a smoke screen set-up by Chavez Regime in order to cover the Coca paste thing and the recent news of mayor of Maracaibo and videos and images with Venezuelan authorities with FARC terrorist group, I don't know, but it is not exaggerated to think this.

· 5:00pm (UTC-4) Bank robbers were caught by authorities and 5 hostages remain released. Crisis over, after 31 hours.

·7:58pm (UTC-4) Minister of Interior and Justice gave a press meeting where he DEFENDED the bank robbers and also accuse the media as TERRORIST and COUPIST. "They are young guys who need help". Did you know that this Minister (selected this year) is a member of terrorist group FARC, one of the conditions of FARC to release the 2 Colombian hostages was the designation of this guy as Minister of Interior and Justice, he already occupied that charge back on 2002, yes, during the April 2002 events, he was the person order the snippers who kill many people on April 11th.

Reporters said this was the largest heist/hostage crisis in Venezuela. There was one around 10 years ago during the Administration of Rafael Caldera. One guy take a lady as hostage, pointed at her head with a gun, the crisis took only 2 hours and the kidnapper was beaten by a snipper. Next is a video from thos "Amazing Videos" show, unfortunately they committed a mistake saying this was in Bogota, Colombiam but it was in Caracas, Venezuela, the news coverage is by Venevision:


Guest what, the Director of Crime Police who was in charge of that crisis, and we can see him in the Video is, nothing more, nothing less than Ivan Simonovi├ž, who is one of the political prisoners of Chavez Regime and who didn't receive pardon through the Amnesty Law. He doesn't need a pardon because he didn't do anything legal, he just was defending people from Chavez snippers and Llaguno bridge shooters on April 2002 events.

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