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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mayor Leopoldo Lopez Candidate for World Mayor 2008

Mayor Leopoldo Lopez

World Mayor

Mr Leopoldo Lopez has being doing an extraordinary labor in Caracas Municipality of Chacao, despite the continuous attack by Chavez Regime, leading by Great Mayor of Caracas, Juan Barreto, an unconditional Pro Chavez, Pro Terrorist, who has doing nothing for Caracas, just order Police to attack and chase Students and Civil Society during protest. If you go to Caracas you could see the difference between Chacao and the rest of Caracas.
That's the comment I wrote down on the voting page, and I think it says all. Mr Leopoldo Lopez has been chasing since April 2002 events, Chavez Regime has being trying to put him in jail just like he did with mayor Henrique Carpilez Radonsky. Mr. Leopoldo Lopez has being doing an excellent work in Chacao, despite this municipality depends from the Great Mayor, one of Chavez unconditionals, Mr. Juan Barreto, who has being postulated by Chavez Regime and doing everyting to catch votes, yes because they get in an attack on every place and every site there is some questions in one way or another related to Venezuela.

In the other hand, Juan Barreto has doing absolutely nothing for Caracas, he travels a lot, and Caracas in under litter, lack of security, bad streets, rare diseases spreading each day, and the Police only works for attack in savage way students and everyone who take the streets to protest against Chavez Regime. Also Mayor Barreto is linked with Alex Del Nogal, a pro Chavez Venezuelan entrepreneur who has been arrested and accused of drug trafficking in Italy, he also in linked with the Suitcase scandal.

If you want to support us, please follow the link (World Mayor) and vote for Mayor Leopoldo Eduardo Lopez in the Latin America section, you could vote for other candidates in the rest of World regions. I say it again, if you go to Caracas, you will see a difference between Chacao zone, and the rest of Caracas. Did you know Chacao is the only place in ALL Venezuela with a dog's poo rule, just must to pick it up in bags and there are special trash can to put the dog's poo. Also the traffic is well controlled by Traffic Officers set by former mayor and Miss Universe Irene Saez in the past, but it has been continuing on the current administration. Chacao also is the best shopping zone on Caracas and the place who Business men choose to stay when travel to Caracas.

Leopoldo Lopez now is aspirating to be the Great Mayor of Caracas, but Chavez Regime is trying to avoid this, saying he can't be postulated to upcoming elections. Leopoldo Lopez has being chased by Chavez since April 2002 events, but now he received sort of pardon with the recent Amnesty Law Chavez decree (one of the few receiving this, because the truly persons who received that pardon was the Pro-Chavez shooters who everybody saw shooting over and under Llaguno bridge on April 11th, 2002, the truly assassins.

Check a profile of Mayor Leopoldo Lopez at City Mayors

1 April 2007: The story of Venezuela both at home and abroad since the beginning of this century has rested on one man, Hugo Chavez. As divisive at home as abroad, the emergence of a city mayor as his principal opposition has seen Leopoldo López’ reputation emboldened, having entered city politics on wafer-thin majority in 2000 only to receive a landslide 81 per cent of votes four years later. One of several younger mayors in both Venezuela and Caracas, while Chavez can only claim to be the political heir of national liberator Simon Bolivar, López is both the grandson of the country’s first president Cristobal Mendoza and descended from the same family of Bolivar himself. Leopoldo Eduardo López has been short-listed for the 2008 World Mayor Award.
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