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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kenneth Rijock: Who in Venezuela is trying to deny access to World-Check's Antonini articles?

Kenneth Rijock
, Financial Crime Consultant, for
World-Check has published this V.I.P. article about Venezuela and Suitcase Scandal.

Who in Venezuela is trying to deny access to World-Check's Antonini articles?

19 January 2008

Readers who are looking on the Internet for more in our continuing series on the Antonini money laundering saga, and who type in " Rijock" and "Venezuela" on any major search engine, may find themselves directed to a number of websites that offer a large image requiring a special viewer programme. When they download the viewer to see the image, they find they have infected their computer with a trojan virus, complete with a bogus website advertising. Apparently, somebody in Venezuela is unhappy with our detailed coverage of the widening scandal. See below for the answer to that question. Remember, do not look on the Internet for the articles; always read them on the World-Check website.

If you remember our article* on who is spying on all domestic e-mail traffic in Venezuela, Cuban intelligence agents from the Direccion General de Inteligencia (DGI) stationed inside the Venezuelan National Telephone company (CANTV) are monitoring the Internet for the Venezuelan agency, DISIP. Did they create those websites, complete with viruses? What do you think?

Read "From a Different Angle" (Desde un Angulo Diferente) daily at: http://www.world-check.com/articles/2008/01/ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
*The Cubans know where the $800,000 came from,
World-Check 15 September, 2007.
Source: World-Check: From A Different Angle

And, if you remember my post with my very own experience with Internet, with pages being blocked. Unfortunately I was unable to change for another ISP, a private one not in control of Chavez Regime.

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