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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January 23rd: Back on Streets / Back on Tracks

January 23rd, 50 years ago, civil society in Venezuela, among with students movement took the streets to protests again dictator Gnral. Marcos Pérez Jimenez, resulting in his defeat, he took a plane and leave the country, leaving the paths free to set the modern democracy in Venezuela, democracy that has being lost with this new dictatorship, Chavez Regime.

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So the civil society, and the students movements of today, among with political parties and ONG's took the streets again and rally to protest against the lack of freedom, the lack of liberties in this new Venezuela. They ask for the liberation of ALL, absolutely all the political prisoners, and the re-establishment of the public signal of RCTV TV station. Minor incidents occurred, just 3 gas cans being thrown, affecting 3rd age people and the police itself that throw the gas cans without gas and against the wind direction...¿?

The political parties also remember that generation of political figures that made a pact on 1958
(Populist, Social-Democracy, Republican, Communists) for the new democracy, and because this year is another election year in Venezuela (we will elect local governors and mayors) this generation of political figures made a pact to go united to the upcoming election, picking common candidates, selected by poll and interviews with the people and debating who is better well prepared. Right now, Chavez controls about 90% of the local governances and municipalities, so the union of opposition parties and the path to one single candidate for each region are primordial to provoke a loosing of power to Hugo Chavez who knows he will loose again an already order to National Assembly to accelerate the law that will eliminates all local and municipality police and establish a brand new single National Police, controlled 100% by Hugo Chavez.

But the demonstration was ( in compare with other recent rallies) with no such amount of participants than the other ones, so apparently there are airs of tiredness with this kind of public demonstration. People in Venezuela are tired about Chavez, they want him to leave the power and go away, just like Gnral. Marcos Perez Jimenez.

Watch the excessive police presence

Robocops? Power Rangers?

Globovision info about January 23, 1958 Events

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