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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chavez create a big media show on hostage liberation

Check video below, proof of Chavez Regime supporting terrorism. Also it was confirmed the farmer kidnapped by FARC in Tachira state died.

Chavez announced last Wednesday, January 9th he already received the location where terrorist group FARC agree to release 2 of the hundreds of hostages they have. The release process started thursday ten. Hostages flight to Venezuela capital city, Caracas where they reunited to their families.

But Chavez used the liberation process to create a big media show, a big propaganda on his favor. He speak via satellite cell phone with the 2 ladies hostage in the location the terrorist group released them. They also put one of the symbols of Chavez regime on the helicopters and on a jacket one of the hostage worn during the liberation process. Senator Piedad Cordoba, designated some time ago by Colombian Goverment to act as mediator also worn a red custom, the color of Chavez Revolution. The Minister of Interior and Justice Ramón Rodríguez Chacín salute the members of terrorist group with enjoyable and happiness manner.

Also Chavez choose one TV Station created by him and under his control, TELESUR (its President, William Izarra, is now the new Minister of Communication, so... ), who broadcasts to all Latin America as the only one with reporters available to cover the news and to interview the hostages, Red Cross representatives, members of Chavez Regime, and other persons involved on the liberation process. CNN and Globovision had to broadcast the signal of this TV station.

On information about the child Emmanuel, son of one of the hostages freed, another DNA test in Spain corroborates that one made in Colombia about the child under Colombian government custody.

Terrorist group FARC also delivered new surviving proofs of other hostages. The hostages and the families were moved to the Presidential Palace in other to join Hugo Chavez on a press meeting that sure will be broadcasted as a "public address" (cadena) obliged to be transmitted by all TV and Radio station. After this, they will flight to Bogotá, Colombia.

Clara Rojas

Consuelo Gonzalez

Freed hostages with family and Senator Piedad Cordoba at Presidential Palace (Miraflores)

Next is a video from an Argentinean tv station with footages shot by TELESUR cameraman who were on the helicopter with the Red Cross team, Venezuelan Minister and Senator Piedad Cordoba, in the location given by FARC to release the hostages. One thing that create several speculation and comments in Venezuela is the face and the look of the 2 hostages in the moment of their liberation, very well hair dressed, good clothes, appearance, that strange on 2 persons kidnapped around 6 years ago, living in poor condition on Colombian jungles, that's very strange. Some investigation reports in Venezuela has been said the hostages were on Minister Rodríguez Chacín Ranch on Barinas state since December. Look at the differences between the video below, broadcasted by TELESUR as pre-recorder just minutes earlier, and the pictures above of the moment they arrived to Venezuela, unless they change their clothes and got hair-dress on the Helicopter, I don't have any other explanation ¿?.


There's still more than 700 persons kidnapped and being kept as hostages from FARC terrorist group. Chavez used 3 jets and 4 big Helicopter in order to the liberation of only 2 hostages. Check this video from December 29th:

And at the same time this was happening, a farmer was kidnapped on Tachira state, near the Airport where the helicopters departed to rescue the FARC hostages. It was confirmed the farmer kidnapped by FARC in Tachira state died.
Farmer Juvenal Mora

In this part of the same video above, Minister of Interior and Justice says goodbye to FARC terrorists, but he just not say goodbye!, he said;

"Take care comrades, keep on touch, we support your fight, keep fighting!"
We are saying this for a long time, Chavez regime is a terrorist regime who support terrorist group. International Organization has to do something about this.

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