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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Robbers Heist Bank Take Hostages

Yesterday morning, some muggers assaulted a BBVA Provincial Bank in Altagracia de Orituco, on Guarico state, keeping 30 persons as hostages inside the Bank. Pictures. At 10:00 am 29/01 crisis still continued, 6 persons have been released, hostages sending SMS and showing billboards saying their lives are in danger, ask authorities to accept the demands of kidnappers.

They ask for an ambulance and "maybe" an Helicopter, they want to take some hostages with them, including the Manager of the Bank who is, according to the vandals, non-negotiable. They also ask for a reporter an a cameraman to get inside the Bank. There are a baby and a pregnant woman among the hostages, also a Spanish citizen with her 2 kids (non-confirmed).

Governor of Guarico state, approached the zone, and was having meetings with Minister of Interior and Justice, and Crime Police Director.

Authorities cut power, water, and phone landlines supply to the Bank.

Hostage crisis passed by the 24 hours already. One thing that got my attention is one of the kidnappers, a young person, is wearing a Hard Rock Cafe cap. Guarico state is located in the heart of Venezuela, around 2.5 hours at south of capital city Caracas. Apparently they are carrying large weapons, even grenades.


· 1:30pm (UTC-4) Minister of Interior of Justice said on a press meeting 29/01, the kidnappers were taking drugs, he said he is worry about the kids and they are negotiation their release.

· 2:00pm (UTC-4) Globovision is informing some detonation inside the Bank. A hostage is shaking their hand through a broken window.

· 2:30pm (UTC-4) A doctor is being prepared to get inside the Bank checking the health status of the hostages. Minister of Interior and Justice keep having conversations, few steps near the entrance of the Bank.

· 2:38pm
(UTC-4) General Procurator from Guarico state informed the ambulance ask by the kidnappers is coming, ask reporters and families to step back away from the zone, they are in front of the Bank, crossing the street.

· 2:58pm (UTC-4) Governor said the already made an agreement with the kidnappers, kidnappers will leave the hostages, but the will take 5 of them with them into an ambulance and the kidnappers will drive away to an unknown zone, then the remain 5 hostages would be released. Governor also said the identify one of the kidnappers, contact and bring his family to the zone, making some pressure. The ambulance will be driven by one of the hostages. He reiterated the kidnappers are under influence of drugs. He also ordered/ask the reporters to not follow the ambulance. There are no injures.

· 3:08pm (UTC-4) 2 hostages get outside the Bank, check the ambulance, drive it back closer to the entrance door of the Bank. Hostages are getting inside the ambulance. One of the hostages is reiterating the kidnappers demand to nobody follow the ambulance. Ambulance leaved the place, authorities, plus people from around and families of hostages approach the bank. Apparently the kidnappers said if they didn't bring the ambulance in 20 minutes they would start killing the hostages.

· 4:00pm (UTC-4) Authorities say they are trying to trace the ambulance with helicopters.

People in Venezuela start speculating on the possibility of this kidnapped was sort of a smoke screen set-up by Chavez Regime in order to cover the Coca paste thing and the recent news of mayor of Maracaibo and videos and images with Venezuelan authorities with FARC terrorist group, I don't know, but it is not exaggerated to think this.

· 5:00pm (UTC-4) Bank robbers were caught by authorities and 5 hostages remain released. Crisis over, after 31 hours.

·7:58pm (UTC-4) Minister of Interior and Justice gave a press meeting where he DEFENDED the bank robbers and also accuse the media as TERRORIST and COUPIST. "They are young guys who need help". Did you know that this Minister (selected this year) is a member of terrorist group FARC, one of the conditions of FARC to release the 2 Colombian hostages was the designation of this guy as Minister of Interior and Justice, he already occupied that charge back on 2002, yes, during the April 2002 events, he was the person order the snippers who kill many people on April 11th.

Reporters said this was the largest heist/hostage crisis in Venezuela. There was one around 10 years ago during the Administration of Rafael Caldera. One guy take a lady as hostage, pointed at her head with a gun, the crisis took only 2 hours and the kidnapper was beaten by a snipper. Next is a video from thos "Amazing Videos" show, unfortunately they committed a mistake saying this was in Bogota, Colombiam but it was in Caracas, Venezuela, the news coverage is by Venevision:


Guest what, the Director of Crime Police who was in charge of that crisis, and we can see him in the Video is, nothing more, nothing less than Ivan Simonoviç, who is one of the political prisoners of Chavez Regime and who didn't receive pardon through the Amnesty Law. He doesn't need a pardon because he didn't do anything legal, he just was defending people from Chavez snippers and Llaguno bridge shooters on April 2002 events.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mayor Leopoldo Lopez Candidate for World Mayor 2008

Mayor Leopoldo Lopez

World Mayor

Mr Leopoldo Lopez has being doing an extraordinary labor in Caracas Municipality of Chacao, despite the continuous attack by Chavez Regime, leading by Great Mayor of Caracas, Juan Barreto, an unconditional Pro Chavez, Pro Terrorist, who has doing nothing for Caracas, just order Police to attack and chase Students and Civil Society during protest. If you go to Caracas you could see the difference between Chacao and the rest of Caracas.
That's the comment I wrote down on the voting page, and I think it says all. Mr Leopoldo Lopez has been chasing since April 2002 events, Chavez Regime has being trying to put him in jail just like he did with mayor Henrique Carpilez Radonsky. Mr. Leopoldo Lopez has being doing an excellent work in Chacao, despite this municipality depends from the Great Mayor, one of Chavez unconditionals, Mr. Juan Barreto, who has being postulated by Chavez Regime and doing everyting to catch votes, yes because they get in an attack on every place and every site there is some questions in one way or another related to Venezuela.

In the other hand, Juan Barreto has doing absolutely nothing for Caracas, he travels a lot, and Caracas in under litter, lack of security, bad streets, rare diseases spreading each day, and the Police only works for attack in savage way students and everyone who take the streets to protest against Chavez Regime. Also Mayor Barreto is linked with Alex Del Nogal, a pro Chavez Venezuelan entrepreneur who has been arrested and accused of drug trafficking in Italy, he also in linked with the Suitcase scandal.

If you want to support us, please follow the link (World Mayor) and vote for Mayor Leopoldo Eduardo Lopez in the Latin America section, you could vote for other candidates in the rest of World regions. I say it again, if you go to Caracas, you will see a difference between Chacao zone, and the rest of Caracas. Did you know Chacao is the only place in ALL Venezuela with a dog's poo rule, just must to pick it up in bags and there are special trash can to put the dog's poo. Also the traffic is well controlled by Traffic Officers set by former mayor and Miss Universe Irene Saez in the past, but it has been continuing on the current administration. Chacao also is the best shopping zone on Caracas and the place who Business men choose to stay when travel to Caracas.

Leopoldo Lopez now is aspirating to be the Great Mayor of Caracas, but Chavez Regime is trying to avoid this, saying he can't be postulated to upcoming elections. Leopoldo Lopez has being chased by Chavez since April 2002 events, but now he received sort of pardon with the recent Amnesty Law Chavez decree (one of the few receiving this, because the truly persons who received that pardon was the Pro-Chavez shooters who everybody saw shooting over and under Llaguno bridge on April 11th, 2002, the truly assassins.

Check a profile of Mayor Leopoldo Lopez at City Mayors

1 April 2007: The story of Venezuela both at home and abroad since the beginning of this century has rested on one man, Hugo Chavez. As divisive at home as abroad, the emergence of a city mayor as his principal opposition has seen Leopoldo López’ reputation emboldened, having entered city politics on wafer-thin majority in 2000 only to receive a landslide 81 per cent of votes four years later. One of several younger mayors in both Venezuela and Caracas, while Chavez can only claim to be the political heir of national liberator Simon Bolivar, López is both the grandson of the country’s first president Cristobal Mendoza and descended from the same family of Bolivar himself. Leopoldo Eduardo López has been short-listed for the 2008 World Mayor Award.
Visit also the Chacao Governorship website

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Currency Coins Not Strong Enough

You must already know Chavez Regime established a new currency system in Venezuela from January 1st this year, basically is taking 3 zeros out. Everyone got new money papers, with a rare vertical position on the front, and also with a communist look-alike star on all of them. But almost nobody has been seeing the new coins.

50 cents coins

Above is a blurry image (the only one I could take, don't know why) of my only 2 new coins I already sought and I have. Doesn't look bad, but now there is a picture posted from a person on one forum that will blow your mind of the head.

You know, the new therm of this currency is Bolivar Fuerte (Bolivar Strong) just during the time both systems are circulating together, then it will be just Bolivar. The Strong thing, is Chavez's idea, because Venezuela SUPPOSEDLY has a STRONG economy and is a STRONG country, but the thing is that those coins apparently are not STRONG enough.

I don't know guys, what do you think? fake money papers is common, and apparently they already are, but FAKE COINS!!!

I don't know if those guys are traumatized with the Lord of The Rings or what, but this definitely reassemble what is the current condition of Venezuela, a bullshit country with a bullshit economy and a bullshit Government.

Update January 31st:

The Central Bank of Venezuela released a note who ask people to take care of the new coins and money papers. They also said the new coins were coined following International Standards. They admitted the coins had been breaking apart.

More and more people are denouncing their coins are been breaking apart. More Pictures:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January 23rd: Back on Streets / Back on Tracks

January 23rd, 50 years ago, civil society in Venezuela, among with students movement took the streets to protests again dictator Gnral. Marcos Pérez Jimenez, resulting in his defeat, he took a plane and leave the country, leaving the paths free to set the modern democracy in Venezuela, democracy that has being lost with this new dictatorship, Chavez Regime.

Special Video/Ad from Ciudadania Activa

So the civil society, and the students movements of today, among with political parties and ONG's took the streets again and rally to protest against the lack of freedom, the lack of liberties in this new Venezuela. They ask for the liberation of ALL, absolutely all the political prisoners, and the re-establishment of the public signal of RCTV TV station. Minor incidents occurred, just 3 gas cans being thrown, affecting 3rd age people and the police itself that throw the gas cans without gas and against the wind direction...¿?

The political parties also remember that generation of political figures that made a pact on 1958
(Populist, Social-Democracy, Republican, Communists) for the new democracy, and because this year is another election year in Venezuela (we will elect local governors and mayors) this generation of political figures made a pact to go united to the upcoming election, picking common candidates, selected by poll and interviews with the people and debating who is better well prepared. Right now, Chavez controls about 90% of the local governances and municipalities, so the union of opposition parties and the path to one single candidate for each region are primordial to provoke a loosing of power to Hugo Chavez who knows he will loose again an already order to National Assembly to accelerate the law that will eliminates all local and municipality police and establish a brand new single National Police, controlled 100% by Hugo Chavez.

But the demonstration was ( in compare with other recent rallies) with no such amount of participants than the other ones, so apparently there are airs of tiredness with this kind of public demonstration. People in Venezuela are tired about Chavez, they want him to leave the power and go away, just like Gnral. Marcos Perez Jimenez.

Watch the excessive police presence

Robocops? Power Rangers?

Globovision info about January 23, 1958 Events

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SHOCKING NEWS: Heath Ledger Dies

1979 - 2008
The New York Times (Online Edition) - The actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment in Manhattan inhabited by the actress Mary-Kate Olsen, according to the New York City police. Signs pointed to a suicide, police sources said. Mr. Ledger was 28.

At 3:31 p.m., a masseuse arrived at Apartment 5A in the building, at 421 Broome Street in SoHo, for an appointment with Mr. Ledger, the police said. The masseuse was let in to the home by a housekeeper, who then knocked on the door of the bedroom Mr. Ledger was in. When no one answered, the housekeeper and the masseuse opened the bedroom and found Mr. Ledger naked and unconscious on a bed, with pills scattered around his body. They shook him, but he did not respond. They immediately called the authorities.

The police said they did not suspect foul play. Officials said they believed Ms. Olsen, 21, was in California and said it was not clear how long or why Mr. Ledger had been in her apartment.

Heath Ledger got an Oscar nomination and critics and movie addicts acclaim for his role in Brokeback Mountain. He also was one of many actors playing Bob Dylan in I'm Not There. He stars as The Joker in the upcoming Batman movie The Dark Night, and look very interesting his performance.

Check note news IMDB, also on this site check his biography.

Update news at TMZ

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kenneth Rijock: Who in Venezuela is trying to deny access to World-Check's Antonini articles?

Kenneth Rijock
, Financial Crime Consultant, for
World-Check has published this V.I.P. article about Venezuela and Suitcase Scandal.

Who in Venezuela is trying to deny access to World-Check's Antonini articles?

19 January 2008

Readers who are looking on the Internet for more in our continuing series on the Antonini money laundering saga, and who type in " Rijock" and "Venezuela" on any major search engine, may find themselves directed to a number of websites that offer a large image requiring a special viewer programme. When they download the viewer to see the image, they find they have infected their computer with a trojan virus, complete with a bogus website advertising. Apparently, somebody in Venezuela is unhappy with our detailed coverage of the widening scandal. See below for the answer to that question. Remember, do not look on the Internet for the articles; always read them on the World-Check website.

If you remember our article* on who is spying on all domestic e-mail traffic in Venezuela, Cuban intelligence agents from the Direccion General de Inteligencia (DGI) stationed inside the Venezuelan National Telephone company (CANTV) are monitoring the Internet for the Venezuelan agency, DISIP. Did they create those websites, complete with viruses? What do you think?

Read "From a Different Angle" (Desde un Angulo Diferente) daily at: http://www.world-check.com/articles/2008/01/ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
*The Cubans know where the $800,000 came from,
World-Check 15 September, 2007.
Source: World-Check: From A Different Angle

And, if you remember my post with my very own experience with Internet, with pages being blocked. Unfortunately I was unable to change for another ISP, a private one not in control of Chavez Regime.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Next February 4th: A Million Voices Against FARC

The time has come to use our voices. To cease the silence which has allowed FARC to survive. To make sure that every leader in the world, every guerrilla, hears us when we say: We reject and condemn FARC – EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army). The fighting and violence must stop NOW.

Again and again, FARC has been allowed to keep captive the thousands of kidnapped prisoners it has wrongfully detained for decades because their lies and tricks are repeated over and over again, to the point where nobody questions their veracity.
There are few acts more destructive to the dignity of a people than the wholesale kidnapping of innocent civilians. Over the past few years, FARC has continued to illegal and unjustly hold captive the thousands of Colombians who committed no crime other than being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Meanwhile, they continue to reap the benefits of a vast drug production and trafficking empire, which has given them the money and resources necessary to commit countless crimes against the people of our nation. FARC’s unjustifiable actions have left our country degraded and stricken with poverty after more than forty years of simply trying to defend its people’s security and liberty.

Colombia, Colombians, friends from all over the world, today we are united in our cause:


Let’s commit ourselves to join a million voices in this group so we can make a difference, and let the entire world know that we don’t need “People’s Army” here in Colombia; that FARC is a terrorist group, led by murderers and enemies of the people of Colombia and the world. Let us make sure the world knows that to be Colombian does not mean to be a drug dealer or a thief.

This is a cause beyond all political interests or colors. It’s a humanitarian cause, encouraged by a simple sense of solidarity, for the sake and welfare of our citizens.

Join us; We need our voices to be heard.

A million voices against FARC.

Join us at


You can use this logos to stamp the back of your white shirt for the protest on Feb 4th.

High Resolution English Logo (1600 x 3660) Download
Web resolution English Logo (175 x 400) Download

Colombia Soy Yo (Colombia I am)

Demonstration Gathering Points:


NEW YORK CITY, NY In front of UN. 12:00 noon. (EST) Contact: Jaime Caballero

MIAMI, FL Colombia Consulate's Parking lot . 10:00 a.m. (EST). Contact: Adelaida Vengoechea

WEST PALM BEACH, FL To Be Announce Contact: Carlos Grajales

ORLANDO, FL To Be Announce. Contact: Andres F. Galvis

TAMPA BAY, FL To Be Announce. Contact: Susana Mendoza

PHILADELPHIA, PA Cathedral. 12:00 noon. (EST) Contact: Maria Martinez

BOSTON, MA Government Center Square, City Hall side. 12:00 noon. (EST) Contact: nomasfarcboston@gmail.com

CHICAGO, IL To Be Announce. Contact: Paola Susan

WASHINGTON, DC To Be Announce. Contact: Laura Busche

SAN FRANCISCO, CA To Be Announce. Contact: Marcela Junguito

HOUSTON, TX To Be Announce. Contact: Javier Saavedra

DALLAS, TX To Be Announce. Contact: Herwing Peña

AUSTIN, TX To Be Announced. Contact: Diana Cuero

LOS ANGELES, CA To Be Announce. Contact: Ricardo Baez

STATE COLLEGE, PE To Be Announce. Contact: Natalia Santamaria

IOWA To Be Announce. Contact: William A. Montoya

LAS VEGAS, NV To Be Announce. Contact: Angela María Glass

KANSAS CITY, KS To Be Announce. Contact: Janet Anderson

DENVER, CO To Be Announce. Contact: Jose David Rodriguez

SEATTLE, WA To Be Announce. Contact: Juan Guillermo Orozco

PORTLAND, OR To Be Announce. Contact: Jacqueline Carmona

GREENVILLE, SC To Be Announce. Contact: Rafael Guarin


OROCOVIS To Be Announce. Contact: Jacqueline Suarez


TORONTO, DUNDAS Square. 11:00 a.m. (EST). Contact: Luis Orellano

MONTREAL Emilie-Gamelin Park, Berri-UQAM Subway Station. 12:00 noon (EST) Contact: Roberto Bustamante

OTTAWA To Be Announce. Contacto: Jaime Baquero

CALGARY To Be Announce. Contact: Daniel Vargas

EDMONTON To Be Announced. Contact: Francisca Olaya Nieto


PARIS Place de l'Hotel de Ville. 75004 PARIS. 1:00 p.m. (CET) Metro: Hotel de Ville. lines 1 and 11.
Contacts: David Velilla. Heider Pardo (Bordeaux)


MADRID Plaza Mayor en Madrid. Contact: Camilo Garavito

BARCELONA To Be Announce. Contact: Francisco Gazia

PALMAS DE CANARIAS To Be Announce. Contact: Francisco Javier Arenas

VALENCIA To Be Announce. Contact: Luzor Salas


ROME To Be Announce. Contact: Lizeth León Borja

MILANO To Be Announce Contact: Ana Maria Bucci

TORINO To Be Announce Contact: Jorge Tobón


DÜSSELDORF To Be Announce Contact: Javier Amaya

HAMBURG To Be Announce Contact: Camilo Palacios

MUNICH To Be Announce. Contact: Diana Seifert

FRANKFURT To Be Announce. Contact: Dilary Vargas


LONDON To Be Announce. 5:00 p.m. (GMT) Contact: Carmelita Hurtado

MANCHESTER To Be Announce Contact: Helen Parra

EDIMBURG To Be Announce Contact: Claudia Guerrero


DUBLIN To Be Announce Contact: Sebastián Castrillón


THE HAGUE Plein, front of Parliament. 11:30 a.m. (CET) Contact: Alejo Bernal


GENEVA To be Announce. Contacto: Zayury Tibaduiza


STOCKHOLM To Be Announce. Contact: Germán Gómez


To Be Announce. Contact: Luis Alfonso Montoya

More places listed (including Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey, India, Japan, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Central & South America).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HRF: Enshrining Mob Rule in Bolivia: Communal Justice and the New Constitution

LA PAZ, Bolivia -- Lashing, crucifixion and other forms of corporal punishment would be legal in a new constitution proposed by the government of Bolivian President Evo Morales. Since 2005, Bolivia has seen a dramatic increase in such disturbing practices, including lynchings and torture, meted out under an informal system known as “communal justice.” Cases include death sentences for women accused of adultery and the beating, stoning, hanging, and burning of an elected official accused of corruption.

“Communal justice entirely disregards due process. In theory, it enables indigenous communities to address their needs in a fair and disinterested manner. In practice, it is judicial terror. It is breathtaking that the Morales government wishes to enshrine such arbitrary and barbaric practices and make them legally unappealable,” said Thor Halvorssen, president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Today, HRF published a report on Bolivia’s communal justice system.

“Communal justice” is an Inca practice derived from ancient custom law that currently allows local leaders to impart justice directly for crimes perpetrated by members of their indigenous communities, bypassing the Bolivian legal system. The practice sometimes involves communal leaders engaging in rituals such as consulting coca leaves. It came to the attention of the international press in June of 2004, when a group of people in La Paz kidnapped Benjamin Altamirano, former mayor of Ayo Ayo. Altamirano was brutally killed by a mob after the Bolivian court system found no evidence of wrongdoing or misconduct in accusations of corruption leveled against him. The Morales government proposes to make communal justice the only system of law available to indigenous communities—with no right to appeal and no due process guarantees for the accused.

“This system would allow the government to subjugate Bolivia’s population under the threat of an instant trial with deadly consequences,” said Halvorssen. President Morales and representatives of his government have stated that they support lashings as a “symbolic” way of promoting communal justice. Research carried out by HRF reveals that such punishments are hardly symbolic.

Twenty-eight (28) reported cases include instances of women buried alive for adultery and additional episodes of angry mobs raiding town halls and police headquarters to take justice into their own hands. Because the authorities fear confronting those who carry out such barbaric practices, the perpetrators of communal justice are neither prosecuted under ordinary law, nor made accountable for their crimes.


Article continues here...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Naomi Campbell and Hugo Chavez could be having an Affair

According to some sources and a publication from Venezuelan columnist and journalist (very respected in Venezuela) Nelson Bocaranda, Hugo Chavez and Naomi Campbell could be having an affair.

Recently, on a interview made by Naomi Campbell during her visit to Venezuela, and published at GQ magazine, Campbell describes Hugo Chavez as "rebel angel". Other phrases attributed to Naomi Campbell say about Chavez: "He is not a gorilla, he is a bull", "I like strong man".

But there is another rumour, more realistic if you may ask me, that point out that Chavez is having a romance with Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba, who is helping out in the liberation of people being hostage from FARC terrorist group. This lady is pointed in Colombian as a closing friend of FARC, she is being accused of trying to set the carpet in order to announce a Presidential candidacy. Also she has being agreed on everything Chavez has being doing and saying including the though that FARC is not a Terrorist Group, but a political issue. About Chavez and Cordoba, there is a picture taken during the whole media show created by Chavez on the liberation of the 2 hostages, in that picture we see a kiss between Chavez and Senator Piedad Cordoba, and it's a whole of a kiss!.

Next is a report from AP about GQ interview, and published by Star Tribune:

Chavez, who lost a referendum last month that would have greatly expanded his powers and institutionalized his version of "21st-century socialism," gave Campbell his views on a range of subjects.

He said President Bush was "completely crazy. But he's on his way out."

"We're seeing the fall of the empire. ... Like the fairy tale, the emperor is naked," he was quoted as saying.

Asked to name the world's most stylish leader, Chavez chose Cuba's Fidel Castro.

"Fidel, of course! His uniform is impeccable. His boots are polished, his beard is elegant," Chavez said.

Campbell asked if Chavez would appear topless in photos as Russian President Vladimir Putin has done.

"Why not?" he said. "Touch my muscles!"

The Venezuelan leader asked Campbell if she knew Prince Charles.

"I like the Prince," he said. "Now he has Camilla, his new girl. She's not as attractive, is she?"

GQ said Campbell would interview other high-profile figures in politics, sports and entertainment.

The full interview with Chavez is in GQ's February issue, to be released Thursday.

Campbell wrote that she had hoped to get a sense of "Hugo Chavez the man."

"I found him to be fearless, but not threatening or unreasonable," she wrote. "I hope Venezuela's relations with America will improve in the immediate future."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chavez create a big media show on hostage liberation

Check video below, proof of Chavez Regime supporting terrorism. Also it was confirmed the farmer kidnapped by FARC in Tachira state died.

Chavez announced last Wednesday, January 9th he already received the location where terrorist group FARC agree to release 2 of the hundreds of hostages they have. The release process started thursday ten. Hostages flight to Venezuela capital city, Caracas where they reunited to their families.

But Chavez used the liberation process to create a big media show, a big propaganda on his favor. He speak via satellite cell phone with the 2 ladies hostage in the location the terrorist group released them. They also put one of the symbols of Chavez regime on the helicopters and on a jacket one of the hostage worn during the liberation process. Senator Piedad Cordoba, designated some time ago by Colombian Goverment to act as mediator also worn a red custom, the color of Chavez Revolution. The Minister of Interior and Justice Ramón Rodríguez Chacín salute the members of terrorist group with enjoyable and happiness manner.

Also Chavez choose one TV Station created by him and under his control, TELESUR (its President, William Izarra, is now the new Minister of Communication, so... ), who broadcasts to all Latin America as the only one with reporters available to cover the news and to interview the hostages, Red Cross representatives, members of Chavez Regime, and other persons involved on the liberation process. CNN and Globovision had to broadcast the signal of this TV station.

On information about the child Emmanuel, son of one of the hostages freed, another DNA test in Spain corroborates that one made in Colombia about the child under Colombian government custody.

Terrorist group FARC also delivered new surviving proofs of other hostages. The hostages and the families were moved to the Presidential Palace in other to join Hugo Chavez on a press meeting that sure will be broadcasted as a "public address" (cadena) obliged to be transmitted by all TV and Radio station. After this, they will flight to Bogotá, Colombia.

Clara Rojas

Consuelo Gonzalez

Freed hostages with family and Senator Piedad Cordoba at Presidential Palace (Miraflores)

Next is a video from an Argentinean tv station with footages shot by TELESUR cameraman who were on the helicopter with the Red Cross team, Venezuelan Minister and Senator Piedad Cordoba, in the location given by FARC to release the hostages. One thing that create several speculation and comments in Venezuela is the face and the look of the 2 hostages in the moment of their liberation, very well hair dressed, good clothes, appearance, that strange on 2 persons kidnapped around 6 years ago, living in poor condition on Colombian jungles, that's very strange. Some investigation reports in Venezuela has been said the hostages were on Minister Rodríguez Chacín Ranch on Barinas state since December. Look at the differences between the video below, broadcasted by TELESUR as pre-recorder just minutes earlier, and the pictures above of the moment they arrived to Venezuela, unless they change their clothes and got hair-dress on the Helicopter, I don't have any other explanation ¿?.


There's still more than 700 persons kidnapped and being kept as hostages from FARC terrorist group. Chavez used 3 jets and 4 big Helicopter in order to the liberation of only 2 hostages. Check this video from December 29th:

And at the same time this was happening, a farmer was kidnapped on Tachira state, near the Airport where the helicopters departed to rescue the FARC hostages. It was confirmed the farmer kidnapped by FARC in Tachira state died.
Farmer Juvenal Mora

In this part of the same video above, Minister of Interior and Justice says goodbye to FARC terrorists, but he just not say goodbye!, he said;

"Take care comrades, keep on touch, we support your fight, keep fighting!"
We are saying this for a long time, Chavez regime is a terrorist regime who support terrorist group. International Organization has to do something about this.

Monday, January 7, 2008

HRF: Researcher Shot in Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela -- Monica Fernandez, former judge and one of the leaders of the Foro Penal Venezolano, was shot Saturday afternoon in circumstances that, prior to a full investigation, the government of Venezuela has declared a “car robbery.” Ms. Fernandez directs the Venezuelan research division of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF).

Ms. Fernandez was kidnapped and shot at point-blank range while loading her car with plants she had bought with her fiancé, Javier Herrera. Mr. Herrera, a police officer, was shot five times while trying to prevent the attack. Mr. Herrera killed one of the aggressors; the other drove off with Ms. Fernandez. He later released her and left the car parked nearby. Both Ms. Fernandez and Mr. Herrera are hospitalized in Caracas.

Ms. Fernandez began supervising investigations of human rights violations for HRF in July of 2007. Her current duties consist of documenting the cases of political prisoners as well as exposing political discrimination and persecution of dissidents committed by the government of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.

The night before she was shot, Ms. Fernandez was the subject of “La Hojilla” (“The Razor”), a government-funded TV news program that airs on the state-run Venezolana de Television. The host of the program, Mario Silva, showed Ms. Fernandez´s photograph and repeatedly attacked her as an “enemy” of the state. This was not the first time that Silva has attacked HRF and its work in Venezuela, nor was it the first time he has shown photographs of HRF personnel.

“Human rights defenders cannot work where their lives are threatened. Some organizations refuse to work in certain countries because of this. HRF will not be ceasing its activities in Venezuela anytime soon,” said Thor Halvorssen, HRF´s president, from Caracas.


Rest of the article in the Human Rights Foundation site.

The shooter apparently is death. Picture. Shooter was identify as Maximo José Brito Nieves (42) recognized a Chavez supporter according to that polemic software: Tascon List. He also appeared under the Venezuelan Social Security files, under Patronal Nº A47100127 / Company name: Remolques Agamar C.A. (Campers - RV's seller).


New source of investigation revealed the real name of the shooter is Jorge Aníbal Patti Zambrano and he was carried a national ID under the name of Maximo José Brito Nieves. He was solicited for robbery, illegal possession of guns, including a war gun (grenade). Another 2 persons were with the death, but they escaped.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Video: Santa on Streets

"Santa en las Calles" (Santa on Streets) is an organization of youths dedicated to gather clothes and food in order to give them as Christmas present to homeless and persons living in extremely poverty (including children). Similar action were taken on by Student Movement and Chacao Municipality.

And if you ask what the Regime and pro Chavez mayor and deputies did, NOTHING!, in fact, a deputy (Calixto Ortega) was sight spending plenty of money in Las Vegas, He stayed in The Bellagio (nothing more nothing less!). Check this picture.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blogger from Saudi Arab was arrested illegaly by the Government

Computer World:

December 28, 2007 (IDG News Service) -- Saudi Arabian officials have reportedly detained a blogger whose writing has criticized religious extremism in the country, according to the two press freedom groups and a regional human-rights organization.

Blogger and IT professional Fouad Ahmed al-Farhan, 32, was taken into custody Dec. 10, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reported on Wednesday. His Arabic-language site now has a "Free Fouad" banner in English across the top.

In a letter sent to friends shortly before his arrest, al-Farhan wrote that he had been told that the interior ministry was investigating him and would pick him up within two weeks. At the time, al-Farhan described the worst case as being jailed for three days, but he was still being held without charge as of Friday, according to Joel Campagna, Middle East program coordinator at the CPJ in New York.

Al-Farhan's blog promotes political reform and bears the tag line, "Searching for freedom, dignity, justice, equality, Shura and all the remaining Islamic values which are missing," along with a dedication to his daughters, according to a report on the Web site of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information. Some of his more critical commentary has dealt with the question of religious extremism, Campagna said.

Al-Farhan also recently posted a blog item criticizing 10 well-known personalities who have close ties to the Saudi royal family, he said...

There is a blogger create in order to inform and create campaing to free Fouad: Free Fouad and this is his site: www.alfarhan.org