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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Movies: First Look Sex & The City: The Movie

Movifone has jumped out on his website the first trailer of Sex & The City movie. The director & writer is Michael Patrick King, Executive Producer of the TV Show an occasional director. He was also writer of many episodes of Murphy Brown. Candance Bushnell, author of the book who inspired the TV show is one of the Producers.

Everyone from the original series is in the Movie (including Chris Noth as Big), but there is some interesting names in the cast: Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson as Carrie's assistant (yes our girl now has an assistant), and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg appears as himself.

As 19 September 2007, the movie status was filming, I think they should be already on postproduction.

The plot is a completely secret. I wondering if the teamwork has planed some surprises for us, such as Aidan's appearance maybe... ?

Some release dates:
Germany 29 May 2008
France 30 May 2008
USA 30 May 2008
Singapore 5 June 2008
Netherlands 12 June 2008
Russia 19 June 2008

More at IMDB, also on Screenhead is an article from March, asking if Sex & The City movie is a good idea... I still watching reruns of the episodes.

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