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Monday, November 5, 2007

November 5th: Second week of protests started in Venezuela

Second week of protests and demonstrations started in Venezuela, against the (un) constitutional reform, the aggression against students, the assassination of a student last Friday, insecurity and lack of groceries.

The day started with students from around Venezuela blocking traffic of streets next to each University. Protests took place in Merida, Lara, Carabobo, Anzoategui, Bolivar, Aragua, Tachira & Miranda States, and of course in capital city Caracas.

But at noon a twist on the news took place when former Minister of Defense, Gnral. Raúl Isaisas Baduel gave a press meeting to express his rejection to the (un) constitutional reform. Among with other things, Gnral Baduel said that the people in Venezuela doesn't know the dangers of this reform and ask them to not let take out powers set on current constitution, he remarked that there is not a good explanation about what kind of socialism is expressed on the reform "it could be a totalitarian socialism, just like Pol-Pot in Cambodia". He called to vote NO on the next elections to stop this attempt of Chavez to give a coup d'etat, he said.

But at the same time this press meeting was taking place, and in the moment all kind of media in Venezuela was focusing on Gnral. Baduel, Chavez regime started a brutal repression against the students who was protesting on streets. There are several students detained, and at least 60 injured and 35 detained. On Tachira state, there are 5 students with cranial fracture, as the result of the excessive beats Police officers gave them with their batons. In Lara a camera man who was covering the protests was injured. There are many students injured with pellets, but in Merida states, some of the students are injured with marbles and nuts, I don't know who was, Police or National Guard officers, but some of them use marbles and nuts to shot the students. Persons who where on the protests and reporters are saying police officers are using violent actions to catch the students, and take them on custody, at this time most of them are still detained.

Apparently at this time, 8 o'clock in the night (GMT - 4) protests continues in some places. Police officers and National Guards are getting inside Universities, shooting students. There are also reports of military movements on some bases, plus Chavez had an all-day reunion with Military Intelligence (DIM).

About Gnral Baduel comments, opinions are divided, some people thing they are telling the true and retired officially his support to Hugo Chavez (He command the operation who took Chavez back to power on April 13, 2002). But some others are questioning them and are alerting this is a set up made by Hugo Chavez to try to call people to vote and stop the protests. The main point of discussions is the fact that he called citizens to vote on the next election, and , at the same time he said it was a coup d'etat. Gnral Baduel also asked his "arm companions" to not accept the reform, who will turn Venezuela army structure into a guerrilla structured group.

Right now in Venezuela, opposition is divided in 2 groups; those who are calling to vote NO on the elections (headed by former Presidential candidate Manuel Rosales and his party UNT), and there is the other group (headed by CNR "Comando Nacional de la Resistencia" NGO) who is calling not to vote on the election because the fraud is already set up. This last group is calling to boycott the upcoming elections, also last Saturday ask people to apply the Article 350 and disown Chavez Regime (you can read this article of Venezuela's Constitution on right column of this page). This group is what most of the people in Venezuela are sympathize with.

Yesterday, Hugo Chavez ask, both Police and Military Intelligence to stop, from once of all, the protests, saying they are terrorists, yes, now the majority of people in Venezuela who opposed Chavez are terrorists. We are governed by a insane person. Today Chavez made a phone conversation with a TV host from the state TV station Venezolana de Television, the said (sounding quiet nervous & worried) Gnral Baduel is a traitor.

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