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Saturday, November 3, 2007

November 3rd Demonstration: Pictures & Videos

A massive demonstration took place on Victoria Avenue in Caracas, where people from several groups, and civil society who oppose Chavez Regime gathered to protest against the (un)constitutional reform.

Several leaders made hard tone speeches against Chavez and the leader of National Council for the Resistance (CNR) Hermann Escarrá announced two rallies would take place on the upcoming weeks, in order to apply the article 350 of the Constitution and DISOWN Chavez Regime, yes, there won't be more against (un)constitutional reform rallies, this time is to DISOWN Chavez Regime.

The first one will be next Friday 9th, and the other, "the final one" would be in the last week of November, just some days before the elections. Also the Student Movement will take the streets next Wednesday 7th, and march to Tribunal of Justice to protests for the recent repressions and assassination of students.

Here are the pictures of today's demonstration, and some videos with the speeches (non subtitled).


"Now or Never"

Video: Protests around the World (Courtesy of UNIVISION)

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