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Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1st Demonstration: Today Protests in Picture & Videos

Added: November 2nd:

Resume of yesterday protests:

  • Students were attacked by Chavez supporters when entering National Electoral Council Building
  • Protests in Caracas, Anzoategui and Margarita Island (UDO University).
  • CNN Broadcasted Live part of the protests.
  • Police officers chasing and shotting students.
  • Tachira UNET University also being attacked by Military forces, violating autonomy rules.
  • Police officers burning garbage in order to create smoke, trying to avoid reporters to shot pictures of Human Rights violations.
  • Chavez hordes already on street attacking people. Reporters being assault and cameras taken (La Candelaria zone).
  • Chavez supporters attacked UCV University. Vice-Rector Office partially destroyed. Vandals used tear gas and rocks (where they found tear gas?). I know, Chavez regime supply them with this and other weapons.
  • Undetermined number of people injured, there are also people detained.
  • Protests in Lara state. UCLA University.
  • Protests on Antímano, Montalban, near UCAB University where students are protesting (9:30pm)

  • In the Video below we see a police aggression to a student from UCV University. Later on it known the boy is son former Caracas Police (Policia Metropolitana) Commander Henry Vivas, during April 11, 2002 events, and now is a political prisoner. The Video is very clear. I wonder what Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell think about this. The student loose 2 teeth when the Police beat him. At this time (10:30pm VEN / 9:30pm EST / 1:30am GMT) there are students disappeared (may be were detained by Police authorities but there is no information where they are).


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