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Monday, November 19, 2007

National Guard Attacked Tachira Universities


Part of the arsenal used (More pictures and link below)

Today around noon, and while students where having lunch, National Guard attacked UNET University. The rector of the university was injured, affected by massive tear gas being thrown into the lunch hall and other places. Rector of UPEL University (Rubio Extension) was arrested after been assisting injured teachers. Persons reports brutal repression and strong disturbs all uptown of San Cristobal, capital city of Tachira state. Only in UNET University, at least 500 tear gas cans was collected and students are calling to bring mattress and supplies to pass the night over the University, after threats of military forces to take control of UNET University. ULA University students responded to the SOS called from UNET students and started a protests that, apparently still continues, despite the night hours. Some of the tear gas thrown felt into the University Laboratories, provoking a major danger to everybody inside in the University at that time. Persons also reported that military forces used lead pellets.

A soccer game between the teams of Venezuela and Bolivia is scheduled for tomorrow. In other part of Venezuela, in Caracas, students from Metropolitana University gave pamphlets, informing people about the (un)-constitutional reform (they elaborate a very cleaver quick test with some questions involving different subjects of the reform, letting the people decide if those questions are OK to the country or not).

Students from Monte Avila University (also in Caracas) gave a press meeting where they criticized the delayed of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice on bringing answers to their petition to postpone the reform election. They showed a tortoise with a billboard with the initials of the Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) on the press meeting table to compare how the Tribunal of Justice are working on this case. Unfortunately for them, we already know that the Magisterial Court is under total control of Chavez Regime, so they will rule in favor of do the reform election next December 2nd (13 days from now).

Added on November 20:

Students still collecting the rests of the arsenal used by military forces. This are part of them:

239 Bombs marked N17CS
80 Bombs marked 560CS
13 Three-Phase Handball Bombs
6 Bombs marked N3CS
2 Bombs marked 515CS
Pellets cartridges
1 rifle cartridge

National Guard soldiers also leaved a container that has a label marked "CS Hand-Ball Grenade" picture below. CS gas is AKA Tear Gas.

Tortoise picture courtesy of Globovision.com

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