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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Enormeous Demonstration Against Chavez Regime

Today, 29th November 2007, people of Venezuela, and also from Colombia, among other immigrants in the country, gathered and filled the big Bolivar Avenue on Caracas (around 10 blocks), in fact the avenue was too little, the demonstration pass it through Libertador Av. This demonstration took place as a formal close campaign to vote NO on the upcoming referendum election about the (un) constitutional reform. The demonstration was convoked by the Student Movement, and some political parties. Other groups and NGO's assisted to the demonstration. To name some of them: Political Parties (Acción Democrática, MAS, Bandera Roja & ABP -Social Democrat- COPEI -Social Christian- , Un Nuevo Tiempo -center-, Primero Justicia -Right-, Podemos -Left / Socialist / former Chavez supporter-) NGO (National Command for Resistance CNR), Workers, Teachers Unions, Entrepreneurs, Journalists, Actors, Church nuns, homeless...even Don Quixote!

On this, already defined as one of the biggest demonstration in Venezuela ever, several leaders speak to the people gathered , mostly student's leaders (Yon Goicoechea, Freddy Guevara, Eduardo Torres, Ricardo Sánchez, Desiree Zambrano). Mayors of Chacao & Baruta municipalities in Caracas also made speeches, while 2 helicopters from the Regime were flying all over the rally. By the way, one of them belongs to Miranda State Police, so he violated the air space, as the demonstration took place on Libertador Municipality of Capital District, not in Miranda State! (pic).

Everyone converged in the opinion to not trust of this National Electoral Council, but they said they need to go to this election to fight on a democratic way. But they warn to the Electoral Council to do a clean and trusty electoral process or they won't recognize the results (if YES win, that is expected as the regime has total control over the National Electoral Council, the Tribunal of Justice and the Telecoms Company (CANTV) who will control the data transmission, plus Chavez Regime nationalized around a million of foreigners in order to vote YES, Terrorist FARC member Rodrigo Granda is included) and they will take the streets to fight for each vote. Plus, the brother of current CANTV President (chosen by Chavez) is the Chief of the Telecoms and Computing department of Electoral Council, and they create an Informatics laboratory where the data from all the country will be received and totalizing, on the Bolivarian University, an University created by Chavez, where only Chavez supporter can study, and where his hordes, guerrilla based groups used to hidden.

In the middle of the demonstration, National Electoral Council order to retire the backing poster the opposition put in the concentration, but they rejected that saying the Regime exposed a big poster promoting YES vote (on a state building - the tallest in Venezuela- near the demonstration, check picture here, YES = SI, the poster goes all the building down) when, according to the Law, He can't do that.

Also, the state-owned VTV (Venezolana de Televisión) violated the Responsibility on Radio and TV Law when the exposed untrusted information, showing images of the Bolivar Avenue, on early hours today, when the avenue was empty, and then broadcast saying it was during the demonstration of the "oposicionism" (as VTV , Chavez Regime and their supporters call us). Also they said opposition and students use buses to bring persons from other places of Venezuela to the demonstration, but the buses they sought near by was some buses an concert production company parked because today night Argentinean group Soda Stereo would performed (the most popular rock band in Latin America by the way, and they are doing a special re-union tour). ...VTV dumbass!

Picture from AFP

On early morning also Spanish journalists denounced some of their team was detained inside the former Hilton Hotel by Chavez Regime and avoided them to cover the opposition demonstration.
You can find more pictures and videos here ( Link I | Link II). Additionally a blog about this demonstration was created: Estudiantes en la Bolivar.

Also, check this very interesting report from, nothing else nothing more than Al-Jazeera.

Tomorrow Chavez Regime will close their campaign in the same avenue.


What this head covered guy was trying to do?, on a state building, near the demonstration.
Pictures courtesy of Noticiero Digital forum participants who assisted the demonstration, also some International Press (AP, AFP, Reuter)

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